Friday, November 8, 2013

Sewing Tales to Stitch and LOVE!!

once upon a time there was a little girl.... a beautiful little girl who loved to dance and sing and color and make her world happy.  
but she was also a sad little girl because...
she had so many babies and no basket to put them in.
so her momma got out her sewing machine and the best little book ever by the Amazing Kerry Goulder and whipped up a super cute Dolly Moses Basket for her favorite sad little girl.
with a pillow too!!!!!
and that sad little girl....
well, she wasn't so sad anymore!

thank you Kerry for including me in your blog book tour. it was a delight, not just to me, but to my once sad but now very, very happy little girl as well. 

Kerry's book is wonderful!  
  it is written like a children's book with a little story at the beginning of every project. 
i loved reading through it with my daughter; this is the first time i have ever been able to do that.
we loved it and also loved that it was packed full of such great projects to make.  
like this cute little baby quilt to go with the pillow and baby basket... 

so, as today is the last day of the blog book tour you really should go back and check the other bloggers who have reviewed the book.  you won't be sorry.  

MONDAY: Nov 4th

Jennet Jones-Rau - Feathered Nest Studio            

TUESDAY: Nov 5th

WEDNESDAY: Nov 6th        


FRIDAY: Nov 8th       
                                       Emily Levey - Strawberry Patch Ramblings                                            

and really quick... i want to thank the amazing sponsors of this book tour who provided all of the very talented sewists listed above with some seriously awesome swag!  i have listed them below and you should go "like" them yourself! 
;) xo

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