Tuesday, September 10, 2013

instagram, you sucked the blog out of me.

once upon a time i used to blog.  i blogged about my lovely children and about my loving husband.  i blogged about the fun things we would do, trips we would take, places we would go.  i blogged about the things i sewed; quilts, bags, pouches.  it seems that i don't blog anymore.  well, not since august... um, i mean june, (it's worse than i thought).  and it is aaaaaaalllll instagrams fault!

i have been making lots of things and taught a sewing class.  my kids do and say such sweet things for example: we were taking a walk last night and my kids were riding their bikes.  mr. H rode up to me and said... "Mom, i need a tiss (kiss)".  he is such a heart melter.  my husband started growing a beard for my birthday present (best present ever)!  i love a man with scruff.   we went to the washington coast for the labor day holiday/my birthday and had a wonderful time.  and most importantly, miss S started kindergarten!  nearly all of the things we have been doing and i have been making have been instagrammed... not blogged.  damn you instagram!

so...  i want to bridge the gap.  i love blogging.  i love the friends i have made because of it and i MISS them!  since i don't blog i rarely read blogs anymore.  and that is just rude!  i don't want to be rude anymore.  i want to blog.  i want to read blogs.  i want to see what others are doing and making.  i want to do and make.  i want to share.  i want to give.  i want to connect.

instagram, you will not suck the blog out of me anymore.  don't worry, i still love you and wont let my blog suck the instagram out of me.  i just need to find balance and reconnect.

but for now.  i will catch you up.  sorry if you follow me on ig and have seen these photos already...

OK, just one more... My favorite little bit. That @lusummers alphabet facing on the zipper. Fricken adorable!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand finito! @gingersnapsquilts you like??? @jaceynotjc you are right, much easier the second time!
Done... I love super scrappy interiors!
One down three to go... #healcircle
im still crossfitting...
Sometimes i wish i was just a little less of a #badass. #crossfit #crossfitmakesyoustrong #pullupssuck #wod
and getting dirty...
I've got dirt in places I don't even want to discuss! #bestdayever #dirtydash
and making more and more bags.
And the front side.  Added a zipper pocket because in this family one cannot have to many pockets!
All in all #nobigdeal. Thank you forge superior guidance @jaceynotjc.  Wonder if there is an easier way to attach the interior though... Kinda loving the super scrappy interior.  Exited to show the little misses when she comes home!
And the front side... Added outside pockets on both sides. Now to sew something other than this bag... Sure love this pattern though! Thinking of selling it... Any interested parties???
Sure is pretty!
Total pain but sooo worth it!
Hi, I'm Nicke and I'm a #supertote addict!
Finished this bag this morning.  Pattern is the #nikkibag by @ilikeorangetoo.  Going to open an #etsy shop and start legitimately selling these things.  $50.00 for this one if someone wants to save me the trouble of listing it! ;)

ok... thats enough for now...  here's to getting the blog back in action and getting the real camera out too!



  1. I have been feeling THE EXACT SAME WAY! I do love IG, there is so much fun and good about it but I want to find a balance with it and blogging. Glad I'm not alone :-)

  2. I guess I'm glad I haven't started IG. Summer is always a hard time to blog, it's all about the kids.

  3. Here, here, my dear. Balance is a constant struggle. xoxo

  4. I know what you mean! I started Re-flickring, and realized I was using it the way others use IG. And I pretty much stopped blogging! For shame! I still would like to learn how to use IG, since a lot of people migrated, but I need to blog more too. Hear hear!

  5. welcome back! that is a lot of super totes. i think a lot of people have been struggling with blogging, so it's a common problem. i say blog when you have time and feel like it. i have so many blogs in my feed reader that it would be really hard to get to them all if nobody took breaks. so i don't mind. :-)

  6. Welcome back ;o) Since my phone, with its Instagram capabilities, lives in my coat pocket when I'm not at work, it rarely gets out to play, unless at events (if I remember) so I haven't got *that* sucked in yet...

  7. Your post title made me chuckle :) And seeing all your bags in one post only strengthens my belief that you are THE bag goddess.

  8. Don't panic, some nerd from flickr will get a job to make-over instagram too and then we'll all be back in blogland!

  9. you and me both! every day i think, "i should really write a blog post". and then i think, "nah, i think i'll just eat ice cream and watch tv instead." i suppose i could blog about eating ice cream and watching tv?

    and i adore henry, so sweet. so excited he'll be my son-in-law!

  10. I've missed you Nicke! So glad you are sharing here on your blog again. Have a wonderful week. Your bags are so beautiful.

  11. I know what you mean! I love seeing what you are up to....here....or there!

  12. I've missed you here! What awesome bags to fill up a post with - love them!

  13. Nice to see you here again. I have to say, I've had similar thoughts on instagram (although in my case, I'm generally behind in every media ;))
    Anyway, so great to see the recap - the bags are so cool and I love the blue/teal spiderweb block.

  14. Yay, hello there, Nickie! IG does seem to be sucking the blog out of a lot of good folks. I figured the IGers were happy without us (sniffle), so it's heartening to hear of someone who wants to be in blogland more.

    And OH MY on the bags. You're just a little bit gifted there, my friend!

  15. fabulous bags! I skipped the whole IG thing personally...after being sucked into FB, and back long ago in Twitter, I just know myself too well to jump onto the next thing.

  16. I got sucked in right around the time flickr started just sucking....so I've not been blogging enough either. MUCH LOVE!

  17. You put that so perfectly, I feel the EXACT same way! I'm tryin hard to start again, too. I absolutely laughed out loud when you mentioned your birthday present! The night I met Jon, he was clean shaven but told story which involved the giant beard he had just a week before. That's when my ears perked up! Haha! Oh the chest hair, too. Oops! TMI!

  18. I'm glad I happened to pop in here today because omg...I feel the same way!! Add in my littles who are so needy right now...and I feel completely and utterly disconnected. For me though, the time it takes to right posts sometimes is too much and I would rather be making. :)

  19. Love your bag makings, Nicke!! I'm so, so happy you opened your Etsy, I can't wait to get a Nicke bag!

    Love you! Can't wait to have our next chat, but next time we really should skype! Oh, and I heard you got a call from my hubby tonight! LOL :)

  20. I absolutely love your weekender bag! I have looked all over for a pattern exactly like this but I've had no luck. Would you be willing to share what pattern you used? Oh, I hope you will! Thank you in advance.


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