Friday, November 8, 2013

Sewing Tales to Stitch and LOVE!!

once upon a time there was a little girl.... a beautiful little girl who loved to dance and sing and color and make her world happy.  
but she was also a sad little girl because...
she had so many babies and no basket to put them in.
so her momma got out her sewing machine and the best little book ever by the Amazing Kerry Goulder.
and whipped up a super cute Dolly Moses Basket for her favorite sad little girl.
with a pillow too!!!!!
and that sad little girl....
well, she wasn't so sad anymore!

thank you Kerry for including me in your blog book tour. it was a delight, not just to me, but to my once sad but now very, very happy little girl as well. 

Kerry's book is wonderful!  
  it is written like a children's book with a little story at the beginning of every project. 
i loved reading through it with my daughter; this is the first time i have ever been able to do that.
we loved it and also loved that it was packed full of such great projects to make.  
like this cute little baby quilt to go with the pillow and baby basket... 

so, as today is the last day of the blog book tour you really should go back and check the other bloggers who have reviewed the book.  you won't be sorry.  

MONDAY: Nov 4th
Jennet Jones-Rau - Feathered Nest Studio            

TUESDAY: Nov 5th

WEDNESDAY: Nov 6th        


FRIDAY: Nov 8th       
                                       Emily Levey - Strawberry Patch Ramblings                                            

and really quick... i want to thank the amazing sponsors of this book tour who provided all of the very talented sewists listed above with some seriously awesome swag!  i have listed them below and you should go "like" them yourself! 
;) xo

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

instagram, you sucked the blog out of me.

once upon a time i used to blog.  i blogged about my lovely children and about my loving husband.  i blogged about the fun things we would do, trips we would take, places we would go.  i blogged about the things i sewed; quilts, bags, pouches.  it seems that i don't blog anymore.  well, not since august... um, i mean june, (it's worse than i thought).  and it is aaaaaaalllll instagrams fault!

i have been making lots of things and taught a sewing class.  my kids do and say such sweet things for example: we were taking a walk last night and my kids were riding their bikes.  mr. H rode up to me and said... "Mom, i need a tiss (kiss)".  he is such a heart melter.  my husband started growing a beard for my birthday present (best present ever)!  i love a man with scruff.   we went to the washington coast for the labor day holiday/my birthday and had a wonderful time.  and most importantly, miss S started kindergarten!  nearly all of the things we have been doing and i have been making have been instagrammed... not blogged.  damn you instagram!

so...  i want to bridge the gap.  i love blogging.  i love the friends i have made because of it and i MISS them!  since i don't blog i rarely read blogs anymore.  and that is just rude!  i don't want to be rude anymore.  i want to blog.  i want to read blogs.  i want to see what others are doing and making.  i want to do and make.  i want to share.  i want to give.  i want to connect.

instagram, you will not suck the blog out of me anymore.  don't worry, i still love you and wont let my blog suck the instagram out of me.  i just need to find balance and reconnect.

but for now.  i will catch you up.  sorry if you follow me on ig and have seen these photos already...

OK, just one more... My favorite little bit. That @lusummers alphabet facing on the zipper. Fricken adorable!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand finito! @gingersnapsquilts you like??? @jaceynotjc you are right, much easier the second time!
Done... I love super scrappy interiors!
One down three to go... #healcircle
im still crossfitting...
Sometimes i wish i was just a little less of a #badass. #crossfit #crossfitmakesyoustrong #pullupssuck #wod
and getting dirty...
I've got dirt in places I don't even want to discuss! #bestdayever #dirtydash
and making more and more bags.
And the front side.  Added a zipper pocket because in this family one cannot have to many pockets!
All in all #nobigdeal. Thank you forge superior guidance @jaceynotjc.  Wonder if there is an easier way to attach the interior though... Kinda loving the super scrappy interior.  Exited to show the little misses when she comes home!
And the front side... Added outside pockets on both sides. Now to sew something other than this bag... Sure love this pattern though! Thinking of selling it... Any interested parties???
Sure is pretty!
Total pain but sooo worth it!
Hi, I'm Nicke and I'm a #supertote addict!
Finished this bag this morning.  Pattern is the #nikkibag by @ilikeorangetoo.  Going to open an #etsy shop and start legitimately selling these things.  $50.00 for this one if someone wants to save me the trouble of listing it! ;)

ok... thats enough for now...  here's to getting the blog back in action and getting the real camera out too!


Friday, June 28, 2013

i have the best gig in the world.

being the fearless and often crappy leader of our heal circle does have some serious perks!!!

i love this job!  i will do it forever!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


and the winner of the roly poly pinafore is..... arajane!  

True Random Number Generator  16

um, yes, totally cute! and i totally want to see the adult nicke version!

wooot!!!  yay arajane!  go make a hundred for ingrid!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Roly-Poly Pinafore Blog Tour & a Giveaway!

hello hello hello!

i am so happy to be a part of the Roly-Poly Pinafore blog tour and i am very excited that my dear friend Rachael is letting me give this pattern away to one of you today! it is such a great pattern, you should be very excited! 

i am not an accomplished clothing maker by any stretch of the imagination but this pattern was E.A.S.Y Peasy!  Rachael does an amazing job of explaining each step and the pattern itself only has a few pieces so its very easy to put together.  

BUT, never fear, if you are a beginning clothing maker like me and get a little confused about adding the pockets (which are totally awesome and extremely useful for all the beautiful rocks that you find while playing in the park.) Rachael has amazing customer support and she will answer any question...

no matter how stupid! 
believe me!  
i know, from experience!

the pattern offers sizes 6m-10.  my little angel here usually wears a size 5 but because she is rather thin i measured her and she measured at a 2 in the chest and a 3 in length.  so we went with the 3 and it fits her perfectly.

im planning on measuring myself and hopefully i could squeeze myself into the size 10...  i have my fingers crossed...  

she loooooooooooooooooooooves it.  
which warms my heart to no end.
she has worn it almost every single day since i finished it!

make sure you check out all of the other pinafores that these talented ladies made.  make sure you look at Tara Girl like the Sea's version... i died then declared i need to step up my game!

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5.17 Nancy owen's olivia / Adrianna Crafterhours

5.20 Ajaire Call ajaire / Sarah EmmylouBeeDoo
5.21 Laura Craftstorming / Jessica a little gray
5.22 Frances Miss Matatabi / Nicke kiss kiss quilt
5.23 Amy formwork design / Kat Sew Chibi
5.24 Joanne Rose & Dahlia / Amanda Kitschy Coo

5.27 Celina Petit a Petit and family / Delia Delia Creates
5.28 Christy a.Amelia handmade / Carolyn Fake It While You Make It
5.29 Bonnie Fishsticks Designs / Maria La Inglesita
5.30 Jane Buzzmills / Kate Things for Charlie
5.31 Polly Jack & GeeGee / Molly Rose & Odin

 and now for the giveaway! leave a comment, any comment, and please make sure you leave your email in the comment so have a way to contact you if you win!
only one comment per person please!

although only one person can win, the pattern is available to purchase in Rachael's etsy shop.  so really everyone wins! 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wonky Bee... the traveling edition!

this round of wonky bee has been super fun.  we are doing traveling quilts and i am a bit behind in reporting my work... i had sara's quilt last month.
i love how her quilt looks! 
 i added that huge strip of 2.5" patchwork squares.
 it was a color explosion. 
  her quilt is going to be gorgeous!
oh, and i think i have mentioned this before...
i LOVE my juki!  
perfectly pieced.

i have amanda's quilt this month!
i've been plotting and planning....
and i will do some sharing soon!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Super tote LOVE!

When Anna posted the teaser of her new Super Tote pattern on her blog i was excited!  i love all of Anna's patterns and i have made several.  she makes awesome patterns, period!
when i was looking at her post and saw the elasticized pockets i honestly thought to myself; that girl is a mind reader!  
i love to carry my water bottle around and i have to admit that i am a little addicted to fruit punch flavored crystal light!  the problem with this is, well... its RED!!  and at times my water bottle has been known to leak a little here and there and that is just no fun!  i have been thinking to myself i need to figure out how to make some elasticized pockets to keep my water bottle from bumping all over in my purse and making a huge mess and when i saw those pockets it was like the heavens opened up and angels sang!   
 so i emailed anna and told her my little water bottle/elasticized pockets story and told her how awesome it is that she is a mind reader and that cheeky little fox sent me a copy of her pattern!  i was a little excited, to say the least!  i freaking love you anna! 
 because seriously, this pattern is amaaaazing, as all of her patterns are!  but this has squeaked out in front as my very, very favorite!
  i made my first ever hand made piping and it was easy as pie.  

also, side note, love my juki!  
that little machine sews like a dream! 
top stitching!!
  i also made a slight modification to my outer pocket, nothing too crazy.  instead of leaving the outer pocket with canvas on the inside.  i cut another pocket piece, sandwiched the canvas between, and surged them together.  see... dots on both sides.
  i like the way it looks on the inside.  it just seems a little more finished and that facing, i think, is pretty rad also!
 one slight other modification i made was to topstitch along the gusset.  this one little thing just puts it over the top for me.  i think it is gorgeous!
 so, here it is...  my super tote! 
 so bright and happy for summer!
 the zipper is awesome sauce too!
 remember those pockets i told you about...  they really are super awesome for my water bottle and my lysol wipes that i take EVERYWHERE!!! 
it is amazing how disgusting public restrooms are when you have a little boy who is newly potty trained and is still a little too short to stand and pee...
i made the pocket 2.5" taller and it was the perfect size for them both.  
  i do think this is my favorite part of this bag. 

thanks again anna! you really are the awesomest mind reader ever! 
i may have another one almost finished and another one ready to cut.......  

i love it so much and i hope you sell Thousands of this pattern!!!  


Monday, March 25, 2013

do.good forever.

just a few more quilts that were given to some very special people from the amaaaaazing girls of the heal circle.
i have the very best job! ;) 

top and bottom were assembled by me and quilted by kelsey from our circle.  she was super awesome and quilted the names of each of the members in the quilt.  i love it.  the middle one was assembled by emily.  we have the best group ever!