Friday, February 8, 2013

lets eat!

in an effort to be more healthy with my food choices i have returned returned to an oldie but a very goodie and updated it a bit.
during the summer i love growing yellow squash and zucchini in my garden.  i sautée it in a frying pan with onion, s&p, butter and a little water.  it is heavenly.  i throw in some "shrimps" when i make it for myself because my dear husband doesn't love them.

but, like i said.  i am trying to be healthier (aka paleo) so i updated my simple recipe a bit.
i only substituted coconut oil for the butter but hell, it is a change!

one small zucchini
one small yellow squash
one small red onion
one tbs coconut oil
salt and pepper to taste.
10-12 shrimp

sautée the veggies until slightly tender then add the shrimp and allow to cook until pink
then eat it all up!

im going to link up with miss debbie's table and possibly make this for myself for dinner tonight... 
everyone else will probably have cereal. ;)



  1. Well if I were closer I'd bring the chocolate cake --- calorie free of course : )

  2. Just had my breakfast, but it still looks tasty x

  3. Sounds interesting with the coconut oil, you can imagine you're somewhere tropical :oD

  4. shrimps are my favorite! this looks so yummy. I need to start eating better, I've let the Holiday eating keep dragging on and on!

  5. Mmm, shrimp. This sounds tasty!


thank you...