Tuesday, February 19, 2013

my new duffle.

so, i have been meaning to make a duffle bag for myself for ages.  i bought the studio cherie travel duffle pattern in january of last year!  
yes, i looked, purchased on January 12, 2012!
we have been going on lots of small trips here and there and i just got so tired of my old reebok gym bag.  why oh why do i not have a beautiful hand made duffle bag???
so, with my pattern in hand and with the gorgeous anna maria fabric amber generously sent to me, i went to work and finished it up at about 3 in the morning the day of our snowmobiling trip 
Totally in love with my new duffel bag!!
i love it so much! the flowers and the butterflies on the top of the bag make me so happy and the fmf on the inside is gorgeous.  the jute i have has red striping in it and it smelled strongly of oil so pink shot cotton to the rescue.  
i copied sara and made the straps like she did for her amazing duffle.  this is what she did...

"instead of jute webbing, i cut 3 8" pieces of kona snow. i made 2 62" pieces and then seamed the long sides to make a tube. i ironed 3.5" wide fusible fleece to each strap and then turned it inside out, enclosing the fleece on the inside. then i topstitched the FMF to the white straps."

i did the same thing and i am happy with the straps.  

spencer told me that it looks great but that he will never carry it for me.  

we had a wonderful time in island park snowmobiling with friends and i was very happy to have my clothes in such an amazingly beautiful hand made duffle bag!  

also, he lied...


oh and one more thing...  i bought this pattern last night immediately after i saw the two jacey made on flickr and i am happy to say that my kiddos will soon have duffle bags of their own! ;)


  1. This is so great, NIcke!! I love your new bag! And a really REALLY want one of my very own!

  2. You've only had that pattern a year? Amateur ;o) Looks so fun though :o)

  3. fab bag, and I'm not surprised he gave in ;-)

  4. Oh it is beautiful! I bet Spencer didn't really mind at all!

  5. I love it Nicke! You are so awesome. I think I'm now going to buy the pattern so I can make it in a year...

  6. beautiful, Nicke!!! your duffle turned out amazing. It's been on my to do list for more than a year now, so seeing your beauty might be just the push I need to start working on mine. You totally rock!

  7. Love your duffle bag. I made two of them myself for Christmas presents and look forward to having time to make one for myself to keep :o)

  8. We moved a ton growing up and were firmly a duffle bag family. No wheels on suitcases for this family! :)
    Yours is such a fantastic duffle bag. I may need to add it to my ever-growing list of things to make!

  9. I love it and really want this one!! :) I wish I had that fabric, too -- lucky you!

  10. Great bag! Love that's gotten to travel already too. :)

  11. love the duffle. I am working on the same one. We are making it at Sew South...so I am prepping. Yours looks great. Any hints for me?

  12. You are so talented. I <3 your duffle so so much. If you ever tire of it I will take if off your hands. ;)


thank you...