Thursday, January 31, 2013

i get by with a little help from my friends.

my dear dear friend Ella is in the Heal circle with me.  i followed her on flickr as she made this beautiful, beautiful quilt.  i told her how perfect it was and how i thought she was a genius for using hope valley and how much i loved it.  i told her that her hand quilting was gorgeous!  i told her that if she ever were to tire of it that she could surely send it to me, i would give it a loving and safe and happy happy happy home.
 and that crafty little fox...
she did!
  i couldn't believe it.
i was so touched.  my heart broke open and i cried and cried.
the note that she included with the quilt said...
"sometimes quilts choose their owners and this one was destined to be yours."
my heart grew three sizes and i cried and cried.
it is gorgeous.
 ella honestly is one of the kindest most giving people i have ever met! and yes, i have met her in real life! (isn't she adorable)
Nicke and Ella @ Whipstitch
and her gift to me, to help heal my heart, to help me feel loved and thought of was amazing beyond any words i am capable of.  i love you dearie!  smooches! 

What would you do if I sang out of tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me.
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,
And I'll try not to sing out of key.
Oh I get by with a little help from my friends.

the day after christmas, spencer got sick, terribly sick.  throwing up all day sick. couldn't move out of bed sick.  it was bad.  the day after that... i got sick... super sick, i got a fever of 103... couldn't get out of bed, body aches, skin hurt... sick... sick... sick!!!

and in the middle of feeling so sick i started feeling so sad.  this was the first time that i had been sick since my mom passed away.  it was hard not to be able to call her and have her tell me what to do and to chastise me for not going to the doctor with a fever that high.  i was still feeling sick when the doorbell rang the next night and the UPS man left me a big ol' box.
i was surprised. i had no idea what was happening
and when i opened the box and found this:

i fell on the floor and sobbed.
big huge sobs. racking my body sobs. kinda scared my kids sobs.
poor little H said... "mom you are ok?"
it was overwhelming to have so many of my dear friends make something so incredibly full of love for me. to help my heart heal.  it was also the perfect day for it to arrive.  after i had been so sick and missing my mom so much to have some of the most dear people to me send such an amazing gift was beyond my comprehension.  
and to look at the quilt and find their names written or stitched into the quilt has been so much fun and very touching.  it is like my own personal wheres waldo...

so to:

mere words cannot express how deeply my heart has been touched by your love and support of little, little me.  i love you all so much and wish i could give you all a huge hug and a big fat kiss on the lips!



  1. Oh Nicke. Hope you're all feeling better now, and I'm so pleased to see you've been looked after so well - two utterly gorgeous quilts, you totally deserve it. Much much love xxx

  2. Beatifulllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!


    Maria Filomena

  3. You have brought tears to my eyes AGAIN!!!

  4. beautiful! those times of sadness just creep up all the time and even when you least expect them. so sorry Nicke. I know everyone says it will get better, but I haven't had that 'better' time yet.

  5. that hope valley quilt is truly gorgeous!

    I see something new every time I look at that pic of your collaboration quilt.

    I hope that all is well!

  6. You are loved, Nicke. Remember that. And not just by the people in this post, but by others, too. You are never alone, sweet friend. Ella's Hope Valley quilt is stunning!

  7. Yup, your post made me misty too. So glad to have been a part of the LOVE quilt. Blessings....

  8. Quilters are seriously THE best! Gorgeous quilts, and they couldn't go to a kinder person!
    (And I love the thought of quilts choosing their owners.)

  9. what a beauty!!! Hope things are better now.

  10. Oooooh Nicke - both quilts are totally beautiful and perfectly you. I hope they can give you some comfort, you deserve all the love in the world xxx

  11. two gorgeous quilts for a gorgeous lady!

  12. Aww, both quilts well deserved, and obviously perfectly timed too! Hope you're feeling much better by now :o)

  13. Wonderful post my dear. Blessings on you and yours. I would love to give you a hug too ; )

  14. Woman, you already know I love ya! MWAH!

  15. You're lucky to have such wonderful friends!! You deserve it all!!

  16. aww, what a sweet post. there's so much love here. {{hugs}}

  17. Those quilts can deliver a lot of hugs, and I am so glad that you have them. Quilters are the best.

  18. what a lucky girl you are to have so MANY loving people in your life! Every time you wrap those quilts around you it will be like a hug from across the miles. Sweet!

  19. aww! good friends are such a blessing. And you my dear are blessed! :) Those are both such beautiful quilts and they have found a wonderful loving home.

  20. This is why it is such a privilege to be a part if this wonderful quilting community. I have met Elka and she is ever so sweet. I'm glad you got the live and hugs you needed through three quilts.

  21. Nicke, that is beyond wonderful! What beautiful friends you have. That quilt is an absolute treasure!

  22. I know how much these mean to you! You're such a special person, Nicke, I hope you realize how very loved you are!! I know you'll treasure them!!

  23. They are truly stunning!! And you totally deserve every part of all the love that went into making these -- for sure! I would hug you right now if I could. ;)

  24. Both so gorgeous and completely deserved. What beautiful friends you have who obviously recognize the beauty in you! xo

  25. Both quilts are beyond wonderful beautiful. I think things like that happen at times in our lives when we need it the most.
    You are a sweetest person I have ever met. My heart hearts you my sweet friend.

  26. Gah, that is soooo sweet. So sorry about your mom.


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