Wednesday, September 19, 2012

F- you fat body! Never Again!!!

so, a few months ago spencer and i joined the rec center.  i was hopeful that they would have some good workout classes and that i would be able to get in better shape.

little did i know...  crossfit had entered my life.

ever heard of crossfit?  oh heavens.  it is the most intense, most amazing, most effective workout i have ever experienced; and i have tried a lot.  i have been an exercise junkie for most of my life.  i danced in high school and college, i took endless strength, body pump, aerobic, kickboxing, blah blah blah classes and nothing, NOTHING compares to this workout.

and i am proud to say when i stepped on the scale last night i had officially lost 11 lbs! yes 11!
and what is even more encouraging and exciting is that my body is looking different better, so much better.
i have muscles!
i am stronger.
i love it.
spencer loves it. ;)
i love that he loves it.

i love that i feel good. and healthy. and strong.

strong is the new pretty!


  1. You rock! that is so awesome. can't wait till I can get back to the gym. This is psyching me up!

  2. That's awesome! My husband is doing cross-fit, and I can honestly say it changed his life.

  3. If that's you in the video, you do look great. Kidding.
    Good for you Nicke. I have never been disciplined enough to exercise but I walk a lot.

  4. You go girl! (Although I have to tell you that Ben is convinced that cross fit is a cult :-)

  5. Yay you! We don't have that here, but I've been doing body attack classes once a week of late (I need to up the ante to add in a body combat class too) but both of them are effectively high intesity workouts, and while they're not much fun at the time, the after effects are great!

  6. Oh I loooove Crossfit! 11 lbs. is a ton of weight Nicke! Keep up that good hard work :-)

  7. congrats!YOu've actually lost more than than because you've built up muscles which weighs more than fat. You're like awesome sauce now!!!

  8. Good for you! Strong is good. I'm glad you're feeling so awesome!!

  9. Way to go!!

    I have a friend who does crossfit and she is one muscular awesome beast (while still very feminine haha). I wish I could join a gym with fun classes - we did for a few months and I loved it but it was just too expensive and all the other smaller gyms have no classes. Running 25 miles a week has not helped me lose any weight at all, regardless of how much I love it.

  10. YES! I have heard cross fit is an amazing workout. Good for you!! I bet you look and feel great : )

  11. Congrats Nicke! That's amazing! I'm going to have to look into this crossfit workout :)

  12. great news, keep it up and don't get hurt.

  13. Sounds awesome! Congrats! Can't wait for u to post pics of ur new bod! Keep up the good work!
    Miss u guys


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