Sunday, September 23, 2012

do the hustle...

miss kelsey is hosting the 100 day hustle...  because i love to make a list and because this summer has seen very very little productivity on my part i am hustling in... with a vengeance!

Kelsey Sews

  1. finish the do.good quilt that has been on my design wall for ages!
  2. bind all of those damn quilts that haven't been bound yet!
  3. a few bags...
  4. quilt my fly girl. (then add it to the pile to be bound!)
  5. finish my improv chevron quilt... in time for christmas~!
  6. loose another 10 lbs... 
  7. make a few coffee cozies with this awesome pattern...
i think that should keep me busy...  

i guess my "with a vengeance" is lacking "in extreme degree"...



  1. phew! you are going to be BUSY - cant wait to see how it comes together!! I really should have added my do.good to my list as well, its just sitting here!!

  2. Good luck with that list! I'm going with the 'head in the sand' approach to the end of the year...

  3. great list!! I hate sewing the binding onto the fronts of quilts - the handsewing part I love. I'm thinking I should teach my husband how to attach it :) Thanks for joining in!

  4. Love your list, sounds like you have some awesome quilts in progress!!

  5. Awesome list...I cannot wait to see fly girl. I love that one!


thank you...