Thursday, September 13, 2012

how did this happen?

how did you turn 4 so fast?
how did you get so big?
how did you get so incredibly adorable?
how did you get so smart?
you can count to 100.
you know all of your upper and lowercase letters.
you spell words like ball and stop and today you spelled... 
you write your name perfectly and amazingly enough, you can write your brothers name too!
 you started preschool this week and are so grown up that i don't know what to do.
i am so excited for you to become whatever you want to be.
you will move mountains.
you will forge a new path.
you will wreck the curve.
(you really should be extra super nice to everyone in your class to make up for that.)
i love you so much angel face and i hope that you love being in preschool!



  1. Pretty girl! I always rolled my eyes when people would say about raising kids 'the time goes so fast', until the time seriously zoomed past! Special milestone for her.

  2. What a beauty! Such a smarty! You're a lucky mama.

  3. I know how all that happened...she took after her mommy

  4. wow wow!!! what a smartie! I think I read somewhere that the oldest is usually more intelligent, while the younger is more creative. Seems to be interesting to think about anyway. She looks really sweet and grown up! I still think of my freshly turned four year old as being my baby.

  5. what a sweetie! and what a lucky girl to have you for a mom!

  6. She is such a mini-you. :) And that is a very good thing! She's darling, and I'm glad her first week is going so well!

  7. ah! she's soooooo cute! and clearly very smart too!

  8. Ha, ha! I love that comment about wrecking the curve! You go kick some preschool butt, girlfriend!

  9. Awww, Miss S is getting so big!!! All our babies are soooo big!!!!


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