Monday, September 24, 2012

friends and birthdays.

i was born on labor day, the ultimate in irony.
since spencer and i have been married we have usually gone somewhere over labor day.
just a small birthday trip.

this year we went to McCall to visit our dear dear dear friends... 
Adri and Brant
adri and i met in 1998.
she and i were on our college dance team together. 
the CSI Golden Girls (yes, its true)
(that is her front and center.  me in the back, on the right.)
we were such good friends. 
two peas.
i love her.
she met her husband, Brant, that year and they have both been very important people to me.
she was the only person that was "in" my wedding.  
i remember driving with her to one of our receptions listening to smashing pumpkins with my veil on.  

we have remained friends over the long years since we were at CSI but as life goes along haven't been able to spend as much time together as we would have liked...
then this year, we had a CSI dance team reunion... 
and it waas a blast!
(jamie, leanne, adri, me, jaron)

and we made plans for september.
we had a wonderful weekend filled with laughing and movie talk and laughing and kids fighting and the big lebowski and white russians and more laughing.

(if you look closely you can see brant, spencer and little miss S in adri's glasses!)

i thoroughly enjoyed being able to reconnect and have a wonderful wonderful birthday weekend.
i am now looking forward to october and them coming to our house to visit!



  1. Lovely fun, although the boys don't look too happy!

  2. So, so fun!! Why am I not surprised that you were a dancer?! :)

    Again, Happy Birthday Nicke!!

  3. Yay for fab birthday weekends with good friends :o) Have fun at your next reunion!

  4. Rock it, Nicke! Yes, like Maureen said, not too surprised about the dancing. ;)

    I'm glad you had such a fun birthday!

  5. Happy birthday!! I love the labor day reference-- my sister is pregnant with her first, and had a baby shower on labor day, which seemed so fitting. I love the pics of you and your friends, looks like you've got some good people around you!

  6. Aren't you girls fabulous!!! How fun to have such valuable friendships. My best friend's name is Katie and my husband always says "everyone needs a Katie." It's so true!

  7. Sounds like so much fun!! What a great bday gift :o)


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