Thursday, April 19, 2012

bee blocks... the march edition.

i made some blocks in march/april...
for our guild bee i made these grannies are for tara
 i had such a great time making them that i offered to make two more and she sent me home with more fabric.  i love the fabrics she is using.  so pretty! 
 in the wonky bee i made these two polaroid blocks are for Jacey... 
my dear friend that is getting hitched this weekend.  
i am so excited for her.
 i love this lady... spiking the punch... ssshhhh don't tell....
jacey got my first curves...
i also made two house blocks for Heide for the bee a{modern}swapper.  but because i lost my camera i had to send them out without pictures, you will he happy to know the camera is found and has been assigned a very special place!  we will see how long it is before i loose it again!  

also, i am super excited... 
i get to have lunch with a super fun person tomorrow!  yayay!  
so excited to meet you Lu!  
p.s. she is having a sale on all of her quilting patterns because she opened a new online shop...
all of her patterns are $5.00!!!

 you get them super fast, as in they are emailed to you as soon as you buy them... 
i know, i bought a couple today... ;)
Image of Nina - PDF Pattern

Image of Max - PDF Pattern in 2 sizes
 so go over, buy a couple.  
and hurry because they are only $5.00 for 24 hours!  ;)



  1. oh, those polaroids are SO amazing!!!

  2. Love it all! Those polaroids are fantastic! Glad to hear you found your camera, that would be scary. Have a fun time with your friend tomorrow!

  3. Love the Polaroids! I need to make some of those myself.

  4. Love those granny blocks! I think those are next on my list! :-)

  5. Your very "bee" busy lady! Your blocks looks great and love your Polaroids one...that is such a great idea!

  6. You and your camera!!
    Great blocs though x

  7. Great Polaroids! And the granny blocks are the nicest ones around! Very pretty!

  8. Heh, I'd heard those grannies are addictive (not tried any yet) Loving the polaroids, especially the drink spiking lady!

    Have fun at your lunch today :o)

  9. Grannies are totally addictive, no? I lOVE your polaroids, too! That will be a fun quilt.

  10. Gorgeous work sweetie :-) Love the prom print especially!

  11. Your polaroid blocks are so awesome - perfect fussy cutting! great job on the curves too. :)

  12. thanks for the block!
    Will have to try polaroids

  13. heheh, at work under Heather's name, its Tara

  14. those granny squares are lovely and classy. and your polaroids are super fun!

  15. the granny square blocks are great. I loved making mine. Have fun at lunch : )

  16. Hilarious Polaroids!!! That naughty lady...

  17. I have to make some Polaroids this month, too! LOVE yours!! :)

  18. I am loving your poloroid blocks

  19. I love your blocks so much! I don't know if I mentioned, but they came in the mail. I've actually photographed them with on of my blocks, so I'll try to get that uploaded this week. Thanks again! I heart you!


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