Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i vow to follow through...

the link up for the finish along has long expired but i really love this whole idea, so i am going listing my goals anyway...

oh crap... no it hasn't!  i am linking up as it is not too late!!!  yahoo!

so, my list is as follows...

I, Nicke, do solemnly swear to finish the following things by June.

1...  Fly Girl

2...  Dream On

3...  the fancy poop.

4...  my notebook cover.

5...  the flannel pillowcases that have been waiting and waiting and waiting...

6...  jordie's quilt.

p.s.  how would you quilt this???

7...  the 2 ipad covers that have been promised and started.

8...  all those bee blocks... jessica'strina's, tara's, kz's. plus the others that will be assigned... will all be done on time.

9.  use my new stack of fabrics with a few more solids and make a quilt for that man i love...
and another... by xx Nicke

i vow i will get it all done!



  1. Oh my!!! You have a lot of work to do girl! If anyone can do it, it's you. Fancy Poop?

  2. Wow, sounds as long as my to get before august list! :)
    good luck! cant wait to see the after photos!

  3. a lot to do, but you can do it!! sounds like fun :o)

  4. Lol, I particularly want to see #3...

  5. Um, I definitely missed the fancy poop! I would quilt that with alternating straight and wavy lines.

  6. Please finish Fly Girl! I love her and can't wait to see her in all her glory :)

  7. Your list is almost as long as mine!

  8. I think I might quilt the strip quilt a 1/4" on either side of the seam line. Maybe a little flower inside each circle : ) Have fun with all your finishes!

  9. wowsers - big list, but it all sounds fun! good luck!

  10. Wow that's a lot. Good luck.
    Fancy Poo?

  11. You can so do this!! Looking forward to seeing the fancy poop finished, might want to do a little fancy poop myself when I find out what it is!!

  12. whoa, so ambitious! i'll be here to cheer you on. go! go! go!

  13. The fancy poop? Now thats intrigued me.... How to quilt that quilt, I'd do tighly packed horizontal lines thru the circles, and fill the strips with circles! Loads of great projects there, hope you get Fly girl done soon ;-)

  14. This is an awesome idea! I broke my goals up by month -- I need small bits of time to feel like I can actually get things done. Looking forward to seeing all you accomplish!!

  15. You should definitely finish Fly Girl. Then send her to MEEEEE! My favourite quilt of the last year, maybe ever!


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