Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heal at do.Good stitches

you all know about Do.good stitches...
a modern charity bee.
quilters and stitchers making quilts together to donate to charities.
when Rachel asked me to host a circle, i was very flattered to say the least and immediately said YES!

the HEAL circle will make quilts that will be donated to hospice patients and their families.  
now, i understand that the role of hospice is comfort care and not healing but i hope the quilts we donate will help heal the hearts of the families.

April was our first month and as I was in charge i thought it would be great to start out simple.
I chose pinwheels as the first assignment.
this is a mosaic of the blocks...minus a couple...
Heal circles pinwheels.
   Do.Good. Stitches, Heal, MarchPinwheel for Heal circle... plus these two...
i have two more blocks i haven't taken a pic of yet... 
i am excited about this quilt and hope to get it pieced together this weekend.  
i have been toying with the idea of sashing and i can't decide. 
 but i am leaning toward not...
i love the scrappy crazyness of the quilt.

i made these two blocks for her. 
i love them equally...

but really what makes me the happiest about being the moderator of this circle is this...
Manda, one of the quilters in our circle, emailed me last week.  
as in last thursday, and this is what she said.
prepare to cry your eyes out if you click on this link...

"This article is about my mother's God daughter.  She's on hospice now, and I'm not sure how long she'll live, or if we could get a quilt together that quick. We are in the middle of getting ready to move, but I wanted to ask you and see if you had any ideas of how to get a quilt to Mackenzie quick like. I'm trying to think of away I could get blocks quickly, put the top together, and maybe beg the services of one of the ladies in the group to quilt it. I do have a friend with a longarm that I might be able to talk into helping out, but she's out of town for a couple of months. I figured it could be a lap size quilt. I understand that it might not be doable, but, well.  It makes me so sad :( " 

my immediate reaction was ABSOLUTELY we will do this!  i posted a thread on our group, manda posted a thread on the do.Good stitches page and on the ba{m}s page .  
the thing about hospice is you never know how long someone has left, so the quicker the better!
the intention was to get the blocks sent to manda within a week, as in by today.

Heal circle... for mackenzie
and these are the blocks that i could find on flickr that were for mackenzie.  
mine are the two on the bottom in the middle.

i believe that manda is piecing this very special quilt together this weekend. 
it feels so good to know that sweet little mackenzie is going to get this quilt!  
thank you to manda for giving us the opportunity to share in something so very special! 



  1. Congrats on being part of a do good group! It really is so rewarding. And fun creatively. Love those pinwheels, that is very fun.

  2. Love your chosen blocks, and also the very special blocks for Mackenzie

  3. so glad to be a part of this, and especially glad to have ended up in your circle :) xo

  4. This is a wonderful thing! I love hosting my circle. I know you'll be great at it.

  5. Starting to get the blocks in the mail! They are wonderful! I think we have the best circle. I was meant to be in the circle, having had lost a child of my own, I know how special these gifts are once our loved ones are gone.

  6. what a wonderful thing Do. good stitches is.

    How can I get involved?

  7. You are doing a wonderful thing xxx

  8. when you do good you sure do it good :-)

  9. What a wonderful project!!!!

  10. That is so sweet. it warms my heart to know quilting can bring a little comfort in such a hard time. The blocks are beautiful, for all three quilts!

  11. Hurray for all of it! Thanks for hosting, Nicke, and for sharing the news. Your circle is something to be proud of for sure!

  12. Hey! I wanted to let you know I nominatred you for the Liebster Blog Award!! You can find out all the rules on my blog... Now its your turn to award some worthy blogs! Congrats!!


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