Friday, March 23, 2012

gifts galore...

so, you may remember a while ago i posted about a collaboration quilt us wonky girls made for Melissa.
well... we were at it again for jessica... 
and this is the finished product.
and the back.
i really loved putting this together for her with blocks from sara, jacey and melissa.
i asked them to make me scrappy improv blocks in no specific size and they did not disappoint.
 if you click on the above picture and then squint a little you can see the binding.  i was so excited to try out rachel's zig-zag binding... and it would have been awesome if i hadn't ran out of blue and then green thread...
still, i loved how it looked and will be doing it more.

i wish i would have taken pictures of all of the blocks before i pieced them together.  
they were a miss mash of colors and sizes and it was awesome.  
big ones small ones long ones short ones.
it was like putting a very pretty puzzle together. 
and because i was so intent on finishing, i forgot to make a super sweet label like sara did for melissa's quilt so i whipped out my handy dandy fine tipped permanent marker and made a mark...
the Wonky Girls - nicke, sara, jacey, and melissa.  
i hope she and he love the crap out of it.  

i love making collaboration quilts.  
it warms my heart.
i am working on another now that is the epitome of collaboration!
i will share soon..



  1. So sweet! I know they'll love it.

  2. What a fun quilt - collaboration is great!

  3. So great to see it :) I'm sure it will be loved. I love how the crazy, colourful blocks and the negative space are in balance (unstable equilibrium comes to my mind, although I've never been good at physics ;))
    I love the blocks and the solid colours. Would you tell me what the deep blue is?

  4. s spring day in square form--a breath of fresh air!!

  5. Wonderful! And I love the quilting.

  6. Super job Nicke. I have yet to do some improv blocks, but they are on the list. Looking forward to seeing the next one.

  7. Oh Nicke it is so very cute! Simply Lovely!!!

  8. Love it! Such great colours!

  9. it turned out so lovely! i really like the bright green background--not one i ever would have chosen myself but the results are fab. it just makes me realize i should get out of my comfort zone every once in awhile. :-)

  10. Can't wait to see your next one. I know what is is!!! Glad you enjoyed the zigzag binding. It makes life easy every time.

  11. I think wonky blocks are perfect for baby blankets! So many fun things to look at!
    And now I need to go check out that zig-zag binding!

  12. It's such a fun quilt. You really worked wonders with the miscellaneous blocks we sent you!
    I'm so glad she was pleased with it.

  13. I love your quilt!! I love all things wonky :) Such fun bright colors too!

  14. i love this! i should have done this myself but got distracted! yours is gorgeous.

  15. Wow - this looks fabulous! Great work :)

  16. Fab collaboration, love all the improviness

  17. Fantastic quilt! I love how all the colors work together, and esp. love the blue and green solid. It kind of holds it all together. What a great collaboration! I know this one will really be loved. Great job!!


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