Monday, November 21, 2011

Day one of thankful week!

Today i am thankful for conspirators..

remember these blocks?  

well they, with blocks from jacey and sara, became this...

Collaboration Quilt
sara emailed us wonky girls a few months ago while the wonky bee was winding down asking us if we were interested in making something awesome for our pregnant members...  of course we said yes.  
we decided we would all make a few 8 inch blocks and would send them all to sara to put it together.
she did an amazing job on this quilt!  and she made faux piping on the binding...  brilliant!  such a great addition to an already perfect quilt. 

it went to melissa.
Wonky Baby Quilt
do you see that piping... so cute...

isn't melissa's daughter adorable snuggling under it?  
seriously, adorable!
Wonky Baby Quilt
the back of the quilt is just as cute as the front.
Collaboration Quilt
and my favorite part of the whole thing... 
the label.  
she traced our names from the notes we had sent to her and embroidered it to the label.  
aaaaawwwwweeeee.  i love it.
it makes me happy! 
Wonky Baby Quilt Label
so... to my fellow conspirators... i am thankful for you!  this was super fun and i am excited for more conspiring...


and thank you to sara and melissa for the pictures so that i could share with my readers.... ;)


  1. that faux piping is amazing! it is so striking in blue against the brown--sweet color choices (and courageous too).
    hey, congrats on your win at Quilt Genius-- that totally cracked me up!

  2. Aaaw, that's just SO nice. I mean the thought and the effort but the actual quilt is cracking, too! Love that chocolate brown - saving that for future plundering!

  3. Lovely quilt, and sound like great fun doin these joint effort jobs :-)

  4. Awesome, cheery and wonderful!!!!!

  5. yay for conspiracies! (of this kind, anyway) :-)

    did you get the blocks that i sent you yet?

  6. It was so much fun! And Sara did such a great job on the quilt. I do love that label. ;) You are fun to conspire with, friend! I'm thankful for you, too.

  7. You guys did a great job! Beautiful quilt!Love the bright colours!

  8. Aww, love it, it's fab! (just drooling over the robots on the siggy block alone!)

  9. It's such a fun quilt and somehow looks so warm with the bright colours against the brown. And I love the contrasting piping, too.

  10. Pretty, pretty, pretty quilt! Nice job, wonky girls :)
    I love that piping!

  11. What a beautiful quilt! And I love the idea of embroidering the names for the label!

  12. Happy to share the photos! It's such a beautiful quilt, you ladies all deserve heaps of praise!

  13. such a happy quilt. i love the wide boarder, it makes it all pop!


thank you...