Tuesday, March 27, 2012

pillows sent and one received...

for the sew mama sew giveaway i offered up a custom made pillow cover and ended up giving two away.
 i used piping.
 and some invisible zippers...
they don't scare me at all anymore.
easy peasy! 
 i decided on purple and grey and made two.
 i hand quilted the one on the right and did a bit of machine quilting on it also.
i like how it turned out.

started to machine quilt the one on the left and i didn't like it so i ripped it out.
  then i tried hand stitching and i didn't like it.  
i really just loved it plain.  
so plain it stayed.
because there are two, i am not going to tell you which was for who...
one went to Lynz and the other to Bonnie.
Bonnie got hers already but beause Lynz lives across the world from me she will have to wait and see which one lands on her doorstep. because i am not going to spoil the surprise, too much.  


  1. They are lovely! I love the colors, and you really an invisible zipper queen now! Impressive!!

  2. pretty! and i'm impressed with your piping AND hidden zippers ;-)petterin ecressd

  3. These look so good!! Love the piping!

  4. Those are lovely! that hand stitching is so yummy.

  5. Yippee skippee!! My bedroom's purple, y'know. *smug* I was stalking the postie already - now I'll be unbearable!!

  6. Lucky girls!! I love this purple and gray combo!!

  7. I just experienced LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Nicke, these are so gorgeous. I've been hoarding a little stack of purple and grey fabrics for a few months and your post just reminded me why I love them so much and am saving for the perfect quilt project. Love.

  8. Gorgeous! Love that color combo!

  9. You did a great job on both. I hope they are loved .

  10. my two fave colors!! So beautiful!!

  11. I love my pillow and all my goodies! Thanks bestie!! I love receiving packages in the mail. It feels like Christmas!! You're the best <3

  12. Hee hee, perfect way to wind Lynz up ;o)

  13. Lucky ladies! I love that gray/purple combo.


thank you...