Thursday, January 19, 2012


i have my first finish for the finish-a-long.
miss S's swoon quilt is done...
this was even better since i joined in the swoon-a-long also!
 all quilted by me... (with my malfunctioning walking foot...) 
on my grace
it was a chore. (notice the wavy stitch lines) 
grace's small neck space has solidified my intense desire to own This.  
i have already been dreaming of names.
 i am happy with it. 
i like how the quilting turned out.
i really love it.
this was my first try with pin basting and i was happy with the result.  
i liked how the quilt felt like it had some give to it, although that give resulted in a few puckers but you will NEVER notice once it is washed a few times.
i am sure it will be washed a lot because it is for miss s...
because she is 4... and swoon is white...

i do love spray baste though but, when you are out you are out. 
and when the pins are free... you do what you have to do to finish!
 i have to admit... 
she isn't bound yet. 
but Ferk serged those edges like a champ... 
therefore, it is as done as it is going to be for a week or two.
  now on to other important finishes... 
one quilt down, two to go...  
this should be easy~! 



  1. It looks fantastic! I love it! the quilting doesn't look too wavy to me. That will straighten out when you wash it. ;) Love that you quilted it on the diagonal.

  2. Pretty! I love the colors you chose. I also hadn't thought to serge the edges before attaching the binding. That sounds like a great idea when you know that you might not be able to get to binding it right away!

  3. I never thought about serging my quilt edges before I put on the binding. Thanks a bunch for that idea. I love your Swoon.

  4. OH! your Swoon is absolutely dreamy!
    "Ferk" huh? Wow, I think my machine and half of the quilting tools are named that. Or at least that's what they THINK they're named cause it's the word they hear most often... Is that how yours got that name? :O)

  5. your quilt is lovely. i have to admit i'm not on the swoon bandwagon yours is very nice.

    i've never thought about serging the edges before. i'll have to give it some thought.

    the extra space on the horizon is lovely but then you'll just be tempted to make bigger quilts. :-)

  6. Seriously, a (near) finished swoon really does make me swoon! This is just gorgeous, Nicke!! Do you have in mind your binding? And btw, your quilting looks awesome, though I totally understand the wish for a machine with a wider throat. Anyway, congrats on a beautiful quilt!

  7. Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous, Nicke! I think the quilting looks fantastic, but I hear you on wanting to "upgrade" machines. Everytime I quilt a large quilt I start dreaming of one with a bigger opening...but then I look at the price and the dream is quilting killed :)

  8. It's absolutely stunning, and I think the slight waviness to the quilting just adds texture - it looks great!

  9. It's beautiful!! I"m so glad it's done. Binding takes no time, so miss S. will be able to enjoy it very very soon! Yay, Nicke!

  10. That looks fantastic, way to go. I still have to attempt to make a Swoon. It just seems like such a daunting quilt with gazillion little pieces. Yours turned out really great.

  11. Woohoo, looks fab! Hmm, never thought of using Big Brother's Little Brother to overlock the edges before bidning, ingenious!

  12. This is just lovely! The quilting looks perfect, despite your troubles.

    I saw that Janome at the dealer the other day...I couldn't even touch it, because I knew I'd end up finding a way to make it mine!

  13. I LOVE it!!! and the quilting looks great!

  14. I zigzag my edges before binding - I love having that tidy edge!!!
    Love love the swoon and the awesome quilting too!!!

  15. I love it - and the quilting just looks so wonderful to me right now!!

  16. Yay, congrats on finishing! It's absolutely gorgeous!!!

  17. Swoon is most definitely worthy of its name :-)

  18. hooray for finishing a lovely quilt!

  19. this is wonderful! I like the quilting too. Good for you for doing it yourself. Look forward to seeing the others.

  20. I love it! And the diagonal quilting is perfect. I keep trying to figure out how to quilt mine, I want to go fancy but the design just calls for simple quilting like this.

    Ok, and serging your edges is brilliant. I just need a serger!!

  21. What a wonderful blog! You are amazing! See you soon....

  22. utterly fantastic! i just love it!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!


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