Friday, June 3, 2011


So, my terrible story with a happy ending...

I had a bernette 82e.  I thought it was going to work great for me.  It had some features that i really liked.  
Shortly after I got it, it started acting up.  The tension was off, the timing was off... blah blah blah...  
My saving grace was that I bought my machine from Larry at the Twin Falls Sewing Center.  He is such a great guy and very helpful and said that they would always take care of any problems I had with my machine.  
When it started acting up, I took it into him and as promised, he fixed it, no problem.  
This became quite a normal occurrence.  
Every couple of months it would act up and I would take it to Larry and he would make it all better.  

So, two months ago it really started freaking out, not working at all.  
I took it into Larry, he waved his magic fingers fixed it up and off I went.  
A week later as I was sewing the elastic together for an adorable pair of shorts for Miss S, the damn thing jammed up.  Jammed up so bad that I was honestly afraid that it was curtains for it. 

Off to Larry I went, again.  He informed me that timing was off.  
This is when he said, this is too much, something is wrong with this machine.  
And he traded me for a new one... well, new to me.  
The floor model.  I was a bit nervous about it, not sure how much it had been used/abused but hopeful that my sewing machine woes were over... 
I took it home, and sure enough, the first time I tried to sew through the elastic it did the same thing, jammed up!  
I was so mad!!!  I almost had an office space moment!  Office space

But, it was still working and I had some stuff that HAD to be done... (giveaway day... bee blocks... blah blah blah...)  So, I sewed through the weekend just being VERY VERY careful.  Then, on Tuesday, I was off to see Larry again.  He is so good to me.  I told him what happened and that I just wanted him to talk to me about a new sewing machine. 
He agreed.
I went home with Grace
She sure is a pretty thing and it seems like we are going to be great friends.  I honestly haven't been able to do much sewing on her yet... That will be remedied this weekend, I hope.

I must say, through all of this Larry and the girls at the TFSC were so helpful and gracious to me.  
I am so happy I bought my machine there and cannot say enough about their willingness to listen to my gripes, give me tips, and fix my machine every single time. They truly were the BEST!

but, if this Baby lock doesn't sing for me... I am heading over to the Quilt Barn with for one of these or maybe this one just because it is so cute...


  1. Oh no! So sorry about all the bad luck you've been having! Hopefully this is your golden ticket!! Happy sewing!

  2. Wow you did have a bad time. Good luck with the new machine though. Hope you love it to bits!

  3. I must say that I totally appreciate the Office Space feeling. I do hope that Grace is your gal. Can't wait to hear how your first weekend together goes.

  4. your Quilts are very nice! Good luck with your new machine and have a wonderful weekend

  5. Yuck, that is one big pain in the butt of a machine! So glad you were finally able to get a functioning one you love and I hope she remains that way!

  6. Have fun with your new toy, hope she's better behaved for you!

  7. What a pain in the booty!! I would have been incredibly annoyed if I kept having to bring my machine in to get fixed. I'm so glad that you had good customer service though (that makes all the difference!). I hope you love your new machine!

  8. You know I LOVE Office Space, so I LMAO looking at that pic from the movie. That said, your new machine sure is pretty! Welcome to the family, Grace!

  9. Its rubbish that you never really got on very well with your old machine. I hope you have better luck with your new one :)

  10. i have definitely had Office Space moments of my own. good luck with your new machine and hopefully it'll treat you right this time.


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