Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lets have a parade.

i have a friend that was an amazing seamstress.  she made the bedding for both of my children's nursery's.  she made pillow covers and slip covers and cushion covers and all sorts of things for my aunt and for many people in this valley...  

people called her the fabric whisperer.  
you could show her a picture of something you wanted her to make and she would just do it.  
she was magic.  
she was an amazing person, kind, loyal, giving.  
in the days before she died she was working on a crocheted blanket that she was going to donate to the local Lions Club for their annual Christmas party auction.   

when she started to decline and couldn't sew anymore it was very hard for her.  when she asked me FINISH an order i had been prepping for her to sew, i was honored.
she said, "you are the only person i would trust to do it.  if someone else has to do it, it has to be you"  
it makes me teary thinking about it, remembering her.

these are a few of the pillows i finished up for her.  
sara jane parade on the front, 
sara jane balloons and just stay little on the back with a small fingernail ruffle.
there is another peaking behind there... white and blue and flowers... so pretty.
she showed me her secret to the perfect invisible zipper.  and i love her for that.
it is so easy i wondered why i always agonized over them.
i will and do miss you terribly betty.  xoxo

i have misplaced my camera, again.  aarrrggghhh
please say a prayer to the camera gods that it will show up, 
or my husband might kill me. ;)


  1. aww, that's so sweet. how wonderful of you to finish her work.

  2. those pillows are really awesome. I want you to come over and ruffle everything I own please.
    Sorry about your friend - she sounds like an absolute gem xxx

  3. Lovely! I know she would be proud.

  4. What a wonderful honour and fitting tribute! x

  5. Nicke, those are so pretty and she sounds like an amazing friend. That was so sweet of you to finish up her projects for her and so awesome that you have zipper skills to remember her by!

  6. Precious....bless you as you obviously bless others!

  7. You've done her a great honor by completing her work. And I'm glad she knew you, too. You are an amazing friend.

    I can't believe your camera has completely disappeared.

  8. Aww, you've done her proud with those. They are so pretty.

    Good luck locating your camera! I'm sweating for you.

  9. so lovely. The balloons are so peaceful.
    Your camera is probably hanging out with mine somewhere. Hope they turn up

  10. Lovely post sweetie, they're perfect.

  11. OK first, your friend was right. If someone else had to finish them it had to be you. You are so very talented. What an honor!! Same zipper technique??

    Now, the in the world does one misplace a camera so often? Seriously!! I think you to attach this thing on a bunge cord to the kitchen counter!! You need to insstall one of those key rings that beeps if it gets too far away from a certain object. I sure hope you find it soon!!! **snicker**

  12. Sorry to hear about your friend, but I'm sure she's looking down and smiling at those love pillow covers. Keeping everything crossed for the camera god delivering for you ;o)

  13. What an honor! They look just gorgeous! And I am so crazy about the Sara Jane Balloons.

  14. sorry for your loss.glad you have fond memories

  15. Aww, how lucky you were to have known her.

  16. Thanks for sharing, they turned out beautiful.

  17. Oh she sounds like a special lady- I am sure you will miss her.
    Those pillows are lovely.

  18. What an incredible story of love and friendship!
    And I agree with Katy - can you come to my house too and ruffle everything I own?

  19. What a wonderful thing to have had such a friend! The ruffles are excellent, I sort of want you to make me some too.

  20. What a sweet story and adorable pillow covers. I'm sorry that you lost Betty. She sounds incredible! How marvelous that you carry the torch for her. :-)

  21. I'm sorry for your loss but I'm also very glad you have such beautiful memories of your friendship.

    The finish is just lovely.


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