Wednesday, February 8, 2012!

aaaand... i'm back.  sorry about the hiatus!  i am happy to say that after almost two weeks of being lost i found my camera...  hiding in the bottom of one of my rarely used bags!   reunited and it feels so good! although, i am secretly planning on securing a camera mistress once we get our tax refund... ;)

so, a while back jacey and i decided to swap... really it was supposed to be christmas presents...  

this is what she sent me, on time... seriously, awesome!  
 isn't this the coolest pillow?   i love echo.  i want to bathe in it.
 and her quilting is amazing!  the straight lines and the x's intersecting the circles!  
 perfection!  i truly love it!  
i really do love it so.  thank you so much over and over jacey!  you are such a great friend!  this pillow makes me so happy; everyone in our house uses it but me most of all!

and this is what i made for her, sent just a liiiiiiiittttle late...  a sweet little plus pillow.  (thank you jacey for taking the pictures and sharing with me.)  i finished the pillow and sent it off to her and my camera was still missing!  doesn't it look sooo awesome against her blue wall!  i love all the pictures jacey takes.  

Nicke's outdone herself by missyecaj
Nicke's outdone herself, a photo by missyecaj on Flickr.
i used dear stella and a variety of other various prints; bliss, amy butler, and that ds yellow i love so much!  but seriously, i have an intense love affair with dear stella.  
i need more, i need it all, i need it now.  

i hand stitched around all of the full pluses and then around the border.  i was worried it wasn't enough but i think it adds just what it needed.  oh, and i added an invisible zipper... see above... and it went swimmingly, i am the queen of the invisible zip now-a-days.
I heart you, plus quilt by missyecaj
so, a very happy swap.
  i truly look forward to more!  ;)


  1. Happy swap indeed! I love the hand stitching on your pillow cover.

  2. Ooooo, pretty, pretty pillows!
    And yours just reminds me...I need to learn hand stitching. I love the way it looks!

  3. Your hand stitching is amazing. The pillows are both fabulous........and that blue chair!! What is the attraction with chipped paint? My husband just doesn't get it. LOVE it.

  4. The both look fab, and love the quilting on each of them :o)

  5. I never get tired of plus quilts/pillows! Beautiful fabric selection too!

  6. Yay, you're back! And I don't know what I like more, your gorgeous hand quilting or that yummy yellow machine quilting!

  7. Your pillow from jacey is wonderful! I love the yellow stitching. And your pillow to her is remarkable! I love all the mustards, greys and blacks. Your hand stitching is perfect! And you are so right her pictures are very sweet. Glad you are back :)

  8. Welcome back Nicke! What a cute swap! I love your plus pillow. And you're a super lucky recipient of that equally darling echo pillow.

  9. OH, it's the best when you connect with someone on a soul level! You and Jacey share a special bond--friendship and absolutely outstanding taste!

  10. what an amazing swap for both of you!

  11. I am so very glad you found your camera. I knew it was somewhere simple!!! You mean to tell me you are buying another camera to lose? Oh Lordy!!!

  12. Wow, that handstitching really does finish that cushion off!! Great colour choices, too - you clever cookie!

  13. So glad you found your camera...hate that feeling! LOVE the pillows and who can't love Echo fabric?? I just got a FQ bundle and trying to decide what I want to do with it!

  14. Nicke
    So glad u found ur camera ;)
    And u r so awesome!
    I love ur quilting skills!
    I wish we lived closer so I could have u teach me more!
    I need to get sewing again ;)
    Miss u and ur cute family

  15. What it is awesome! Great work both of you!

  16. You are awesome, friend. I'm glad you love your pillow, and I certainly love mine. It makes me so happy that we know one another. Thanks for being such a great friend, Nicke!!

  17. What a great swap! Both of your pillows are awesome!

  18. Oh, swaps are so fun! These both look great!


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