Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas... a day late.

christmas is over and we had a glorious day, filled with family and food and presents.  

mr. h got a toy dirt bike that he LOVES
 miss S hasn't stopped riding her new "blue cherry princess bike" around the house.  
i have had a great time plotting while reading this new book... (thank you again melissa, i totally love it) 
spencer went snowmobiling today and is very happy.

i bought a ton of interfacing today... i see these bags in my future.

Merry Christmas to all of you.  


  1. Merry Christmas to your and your family!

  2. Boys and their toys (and girls too! I never had a blue cherry princess bike, but I think I would've loved it too

  3. Merry Christmas Nicke! Can't wait to see all that you do in the New Year!

  4. Ooh, that looks like an interesting book! I am full of chocolates and tea and having another lazy day with my peeps, happy days! Merry Christmas!! (although it's Tuesday lunchtime here!)

  5. I'm glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! I'm excited to see your new bags!

  6. Yay, glad you all had such a fab day and that Santa was good to you :o)

  7. I'm so happy to read you had a wonderful Christmas!! Wishing you a Happy New Year, too!

  8. A very merry Christmas to you and your family too! Glad you're all loving your new toys!


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