Thursday, December 22, 2011

and the second winner is...

ok, so because i couldn't honestly pick a second favorite i did something else instead...

i decided to pick a winner from one of the eleven people who commented on my giveaway winner post....

so the new winner is....  #6  Lynz!  this made me happy because when i read her comment, i seriously laughed out loud...  if i had been drinking something at the time i would have spit it all over the place!  

Lynz said...6
*snigger* Genius moment! Even beats the time my friend in biology read a whole paragraph substituting "organism" for "orgasm" !!!

congrats lynz... i will email you!


  1. Heh, congrats Lynz! (hey, if we keep commenting on the winner's posts, do we all eventually get something? ;o) )

  2. Yay Linz is a superstar (no longer on my 'lotto friends' list, but hey)!

  3. way to go Lynz. Makes one glad they aren't a scientist huh?

  4. I think that's a great way to do it! Congratulations, Linz!

  5. Oh yeah! She deserves it for that one....very funny!!!

  6. I promise I commented on this post first thing this morning - bloody smart phones! *clears throat* SQUEEEEE! Heh heh. I won a great one, right?


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