Thursday, December 29, 2011

MQG christmas swap.

we had our modern quilt guilds christmas party at the beginning of december.  
i was so lucky to get some super awesome treats.
heather and i swapped name tags, i hadn't made hers yet.  
i suck!  but isn't mine super adorable!
she will love hers, but she has to wait until our next meeting to get it!
 isn't that little girl holding the balloon so cute. i love it heather, thank you again and again!

Tara gave me this pile of treats.  
i have to say that every single thing here has been used!  
i love the fabric, i love hope valley. 
the little basket is wonderful!!!  i have all of my sewing feet in it next to my machine.  
it is very convenient since i have no drawers in my sewing table.
and that little container has the most delicious luxurious hand made lotion i have ever experienced.  
seriously, heaven!
thanks girls.  i love it all...

and i gave this sweet little thing to Trina... for her new ipad.
with my new label.
and a little bit of this fabric.
she loves it and i am happy!


  1. Loads of lovely bits and pieces, and oooh your labels are fab!

  2. Of course she bloody loves it!!! Pretty labels, and lovely goodies too!

  3. Lots of good things there! And like Sarah said - label looks great!

  4. Lots of goodies! I love your labels. And the iPad cover is super cute! I'm going to have make a basket for myself. The pattern was easy, and I don't have any drawers in my sewing table either. Although, I do have cats with curious paws...

  5. Aww, love your wee name tag with the wee girl and the balloon, plus the basket, cosy and fabric too, lucky you!

    Love your case as well, especially the label - where did you get them made?

  6. Wow such nice things given and received! I love the label Nicke!!! And what a great idea to have a basket at your sewing table with your feet. If only I had a dedicated sewing hoo!!!

  7. Oh man, that basket is super SUPER cute!! Your iPad cover turned out so well, too, great fabric choices there!!

  8. I LOVE your label!! And so many cute projects to show off, love them too. Those name tags are such a fun idea :)

  9. Once again you've got something I want! Love those labels! Where?? and how??

  10. These are all such nice projects!

  11. adorable stuff! The ipad cover is great. Where did you get your labels made?? they are so cute!

  12. great label, how did you make it?

  13. Super cute goodies!! I love your little name tag and especially your very own quilt tag!! :o)
    Happy New Years!

  14. SO many lovely goodies!! I really need to join a swap this year! Can you believe I never have!?

    Happy New Year, friend!


  15. Nicke,
    First of all I am in awe of you and the work you do as a social worker! It must be so bittersweet. I really believe that only certain people are cut out for such work.
    And second, how on earth do you have time to sew as well?? AND be a Mom and wife? You might be superwoman in my eyes.
    And third, where do you get your labels? I'm considering trying something new with my labels because mine fade a bit.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year :-)

  16. oooh gorgeous - i want to be able to sew like you when i grow up! xo


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