Tuesday, January 3, 2012

five quilts in three months...

My dear friend Rhonda is hosting a Finish-A-Long.  

I am really excited because i have a ton of stuff to finish.
and how awesome to win prizes for finishing stuff i should have finished months ago.

first on my list... 
swoon for miss s....
her birthday is thursday... i hope it will be finished...
i see a late night in store for me tonight and tomorrow night.

 only one block to finish although i think i will make a couple more.  i didn't think too clearly about the vision of this quilt when i started.  i knew i wanted to use the fabrics from her crib bedding but didn't plan the blocks before.  
they are heavy on the green/blue... 
i want options. and options means sewing into the late night tonight.  
i am ok with it.  i get more done when my family sleeps.

second... my dream on quilt top.  
i love the bright cheeryness of this quilt.  it needs to be finished.
i need to piece my backing, baste it, and quilt the crap out of it.
i still don't know for sure how it will be quilted but i think i will do 1/4 inch off every seam.

and lastly... 
fly girl!
the top is done.  the back is done. 
she needs basted and then i see random lines in her future!

three finished quilts... i think that may be doable since they are already almost all finished...
i have to say that it is my plan to start and finish two additional quilts during this time...

it is my goal to finish a quilt a month this year. i have five planned finishes for the first three months.
wish me luck!


p.s.  the holidays were really busy and i am endlessly behind with my google reader. i hope to be caught up with you all soon. xoxo


  1. Yikes! It seems intimidating, I'm sure, but you can do it! I'd love to do a quilt a month for a year - just not *this* year!

  2. Good Luck, Nicke!!! If anyone can do it - you can!! LOve everyone of them and I can't wait to see them in all their quilty goodness :)

  3. Good luck! Can't wait to see the finished products:)

  4. Whoa, you're taking 2012 by the horns! I can't wait to see them all finished!! I love all three of them. I just ordered some fabric to start of my first quilt of the year too. Hope it doesn't take me four months again :/

  5. Oh 3 stunners definitely worth getting finished asap!

  6. wow, wow and wow. Love 'em all, especially Fly Girl! Best of luck, now stop readin and get sewing you've got a lot to do ;-)

  7. I adore Dream On....it makes me smile!!! So bright and happy!!! You have quite the ambitious list. Thanks for playing with us!!

  8. Can't wait to see more of your swoon! Good luck getting it finished in time. And your fly girl quilt is cool. The quilting is my least favorite part, good luck tackling it.

  9. Your quilt tops are so pretty. I am in awe that you are going to get all of these quilted in the next three months. They will certainly be snuggly.

  10. Go Nicke, go Nicke! I have more on my list to do too, I just haven't quite got as far as listing them yet lol I think I might tackle that tonight, perhaps after dinner, when I'm feeling stronger ;o)

  11. i dunno. that still sounds pretty ambitious! good luck and it'll be inspirational to see your progress.

  12. oh man, i'd need more than 3 months.

  13. Oh, I think you can do it! These are great quilts. I need to get cracking on a Swoon too.

  14. You have some gorgeous quilts to finish! It is going to feel good when they're all done!

  15. I'm so excited for Swoon quilting! I bet you can knock these out (relatively) quickly. I support your craziness, and I know you do the same for me. ;)

  16. oh I love your projects - wow! I am a swoon-lover through and through, so can't wait to see this done, tho I reallly like the others too! Good luck!!

  17. oh man, how satisfying will it be to finish each of these beauties?? Good luck!

  18. I just love that Fly Girl quilt, I am looking forward to see your progress on all the FAL projects.

  19. wow! good luck, indeed... that is a lot of work, but you can do it!! Love the Dream On quilt, soooo fresh and pretty! xo amy

  20. Wow, you are so close to having 3 more fabulous quilts! I am just trying to talk myself into starting a quilt. It's not going so well. I really like your goal of 1 a month. I think that's a great pace for me too!

  21. The best of luck in your goal of a quilt a month. Looking forward to seeing your first quarter finishes!


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