Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the reason for my absence and lack of wip progress...

it has been too long friends.
i have a good reason though.
we spent last week/weekend in oregon with our family.
 and we went to the beach.  
it was the first time miss S and mr. H experienced the sea.
it had been four years since i had seen it last.
waaaay too long.
i won't let that happen again.
 it was wonderful.
they loved it.
they couldn't stop digging in and throwing sand.
 we possibly got our christmas picture.
 i loved spending time with this girl and her husband, who i amazingly did not get a single picture of.  sorry josh!  i am terrible!
this is my sister in law whitney.
i love her.
she is my sister from another mister.
she is so fun.
i miss her...
side note... it took us three times to get a good self pic that we were happy with.  i still crack up thinking about it.
this little guy had the best time.  he loved piling sand on spencer.
he didn't stop digging the whole time.  
and that tongue.
i die.
this little lady just ran and ran and ran.  
i totally love her.
it was fun to run with her.

and now, my report...
i am happy happy to say i have FINALLY begun the hand quilting.
i love it.
it looks good.
i will prove it in a couple days.

i received my pouch from the plp swap... 
it is perfect for a little snack lunch and sooo cute.

my partner received her pouch and she loved it too.
Lynne said.
Thank you soooo much! I love it! I really like that simple/less fussy style of embroidery but don't do it as I have never really mastered it. You are great at it! I love having my name on the pouch and then those little flowers. The pouch made of those great fabrics ...the little goodies to get me started on something new...Thank you, thank you, thank you!
i am so happy she loves it.  it warms the cockles of my heart!

i have been helping a friend...
she has cancer.  not fair.
she is an amazing sewer, seamstress.
i am learning from her...
soaking in all i can.
it makes me happy.

i finished another swoon block...
no pictures yet.
only three more to sew.
i am moving so slow on these.
i will be better.

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  1. That family picture is gorgeous!! And Mr.H with his chubby little hands, I love it! I can't believe it had been four years since you last saw the ocean!! Then again, I've never seen snow so I shouldn't be talking lol Glad you had a fun trip but I'm even more glad to have you back!

  2. Thanks for shearing your bautiful family pics

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great time and I know you needed that - so that warms the cockles of my heart. I hope you feel refreshed and ready to charge at the world!

  4. Goodness, what a lovely weekend! It looks like it was pure bliss.

  5. Nicke, what a lovely family! And I agree...being at the ocean is good for the soul :) Your embroidery is beyond good...it is fantastic! And I am so glad to hear you love hand quilting...it is also good for the soul. Sorry about your friend...it is not fair at all. I am sure having you around makes it much easier to deal with. You are a great friend :)

  6. Welcome home again, glad you had such a fun time. Reading the comment above though, I guess I'm lucky with all the oceans, seas, mountains and snow around the world that I've seen!

    Love your PLP, not surprised your partner does too :o)

  7. welcome back! your family pictures are beautiful! glad to see you had a great time.

  8. Oh, I love all pictures...it makes me miss the Oregon coast. And that family picture looks fabulous.
    Glad to hear that your swap partner loved her pouch...although, how could she not? It's adorable!

  9. I'm glad Oregon was a fun break! Love the pics. I'd love to go there someday! And again, I'm so sorry about your friend. I'm glad you're there for her. Keep Swooning!!

  10. What beautiful pictures from your trip! Glad to hear your back now and getting some things done. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  11. Lovely pics!
    You girls have some huge sunnies!!

    I am just going to look at another page of your blog, just to tip you over to 12,000 views!

    Lovely to have you back my friend xxx

  12. hey sweetie, so glad you've had a wee break - looks like you all had a great time! Of course your partner loved the PLP - it was gorgeous :-) Sorry things are hard with your friend, she'll be so glad to have you around though. big hugs x

  13. I love the photos, the place looks beautiful and it's great to see you and your family.

  14. i love you!!! we are definitely sisters from another mister. i miss you tons!! we had so much fun at the beach, it was truly a magical day! xoxoxoxo


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