Saturday, November 5, 2011

P{L}P swap...

i was sooo excited when round 3 of the Pretty little Pouch swap was announced on flickr.  
i missed the second round and was bummed but totally was #2 or #3 to sign up this round.
like i said, i was excited!

this was my mosaic...
can you tell i like linen?  
Pretty little pouch mosiac by xx Nicke
Pretty little pouch mosiac, a photo by xx Nicke on Flickr.

and this is what i made for my partner. finished it up last night.
nothing like waiting until there are three days left.
although, it would have been finished last week but, i was stuck.  
i knew what i wanted to embroider on the back of the pouch but couldn't find it.
honestly thank heavens for jacey...
her strike of genus overcame my stupidity and i knew where to find the perfect thing to stitch on the back!
it was in my inbox... in my email... in my flickrmail... duh!

all that time i spent searching her blog and flickr... 
head smack! 
but it was worth it, i really hope she likes it.
and what did i embroider on the back of her pouch you ask???
her name...
of course i can't show it.  but please know, it looks really cute. 
honestly i probably could show it, i am sure she doesn't follow me... 
yet. ;)
this was a really fun swap.  
it was fun to see all of the new pouches popping up in flickr and thinking... 
oh please let that be for me!
i have to admit, i did get a bit discouraged. 
but, i plowed through and it was fun to create something for someone else.  
really hope she likes it.  
i didn't follow her mosaic very closely, 
sometimes i just let the fabric decide.
although, she does like embroidery.  
i am linking up with rachel's celebrate color.  


  1. This is super cute! And what a fun post to read! Very entertaining. :-)

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous pouch! Love the wee embroidered flowers, love the fabrics... I'm sure your partner will love it :-)

  3. I'm sure she will like it, its gorgeous!

  4. Whoever 'she' is, where-ever 'she' is, if she's not grateful, I'll pop round and take it off her hands!!

  5. How very cute is that? ADORABLE!! Hey, you mentioned embroidery and not being able to find something so I thought I would share a Flickr Group with you even though it has nothing to do with what you were looking for (but you never know when it might come in handy). It is

  6. Oh your stitches are just precious! I love that you were able to embroider her name. It will be so special for her when she receives it. :o) You did a beautiful job! She will love it for sure!
    hugs. Trish

  7. ROFL, I've done similar...

    Very cute pouch anyway, sure she'll love it

  8. Love, love, love the embroidery all around the pouch!

  9. I swear, everytime I see one of your creations, I wish it was in my hands! The embroidery on that pouch is stunning! I love it! Can't wait to see what you get!!

  10. i love your handstitching! that pouch is gorgeous.

  11. Hey, will you email me please? I cant open your email address through this computer. Thanks, Tara

  12. I just love what you came up with, Nicke. The pressure worked well! And don't be so hard on yourself about the brain fart. These things happen. I'm so glad we got to chat this weekend! xo.

  13. That is gorgeous! She is going to love it!

  14. I love the pouch you made and I'm sure whoever gets it will love it too. I wonder if Kaelin from the plaid scottie drew your name. The mosaic she described in her post sounds a lot like yours.

  15. Oh, I love it! I wish I was on the receiving end. ;) I have never joined in a swap, they make me nervous!

  16. That is just beautiful! She will definitely love it. :o)


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