Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival....for captain.

Amy Ellis is at it again that crazy minx.
Bloggers quilt festival is upon us. 
well, it is almost over!


Captain needed a sweet quilt.
and since he lives far far away i wanted him to have something that i made.  
from me. from us.
something that would make him warm
something that i would pour all of my love and happy thoughts into just for him.
so that when he is wrapped up in it, even though we are not near him, he can feel our love for him.
and someday, when he lives next door to me, 
i will pour all my love and happy thoughts into cookies just for him.  ;)
but until then, he will have to settle for this.

he was such a small little baby.  that block measured 12" if i remember correctly.!  and who can resist a small little baby on a super cute quilt.
not me!
 it is so bright and cheery.  
i hope it makes him happy every time he uses it!
the random straight lines were a breeze to quilt even with the bright green minkee fabric on the back!
and now look at him.  he is soo big.  those hazel brown eyes are hypnotizing!  
this i why i am linking up to the bloggers quilt festival.  honestly... this kid and this quilt are too cute to not share!

so click on over and die at the amazing creations... there are like almost 600!


  1. Love this quilt. And that baby is so sweet!

  2. Oh my goodness, this quilt is amazing!!! Really, I love the center star framed. I love all the bright colors and the white. Fantastic! And let me tell you, that is one cute baby!

  3. Aww your right def too cute not to share!

  4. When I read the 12" bit, I couldn't see the baby, and I was imagining that the whole quilt was tiny and your hubby(?) was really small!

    Sweet! xxx

  5. I want to eat him. Seriously. He is so freaking cute!

  6. Love the quilt! And the baby is so cute. Ever time I see a shot of a baby on a quilt, I kind of want one, but then I realize I'd actually rather have a ferret. So, yeah...

    Anyway, love, love the diagonal random quilting. This needs to be done more.


  7. Lol, I'm reading the comments and relieved to see that Hadley read those captions in exactly the same way as me regarding that 12" block :oD Anywho, both quilt and baby are adorable

  8. lol me too me too, thinking Nickes got a 2 foot husband... ;-)
    Gorgeous quilt, and oh wow those brown eyes... adorable!

  9. That quilt is so cute! Almost as cute as that baby.

  10. Great quilt- love the quilting lines and such a precious little buddy...

  11. Precious baby and a precious quilt :)
    I love the random stripes you added at the edges of the quilt.

  12. I love your quilt!
    And that sweet little
    man is sure lucky to
    have such a sweet aunt
    like you! He is adorable!!

  13. Is there anything better than babies on quilts? And the quilt is a fantastic one.

  14. I love the quilt and the random elements, it's so cheerful and fresh. The photos are gorgeous and I you're right, who could resist the adorable baby.

  15. You guys really gotta quit doing the photo shoots with the babies on the's killing me!! They are so adorable~


  16. Okay...really that is the cutest! Who can't resist a cute baby like that on such a cute quilt!! I like the white background with the bright prints!

  17. I can't decide which is cuter...the quilt or the kid!!!

  18. such a sweet quilt for a lovely little one. congrats!

  19. I have watched this picture since I started my quest to do at least a hundred responses for the festival. That he is sleeping in such a cute position is amazing and he is adorable. The brightness of the square on the white background almost shocking. This is just amazing. I think your quilt was perfect for him.

  20. Pretty quilt and what a precious little boy!


thank you...