Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thankful week... day two...

these three are what i am the very most thankful for.

they make me so happy.

miss s...
you are the sweetest little angel in the world
you light up my life.

mr. h...
you are the funniest little guy and are soo tough
you make my world a better place.

you are the love of my life. 
"feels like lightning running through my veins every time i look at you"

they make my life better.
i am so thankful i am theirs for forever and ever!

what are you thankful for?



  1. Oh, I'm all out of family like that to be thankful for, but I'd be really grateful if you could tell me what Spencer said to Mr H to get that expression on his face :oD

  2. such a beautiful, beautiful family. much to be thankful for!!

  3. Three very special people. I love that photo of them. I'm glad you have such a wonderful and loving family. And I love the way you described Spencer. ;)

  4. Beautiful photo! I'm thankful for my beautiful healthy family, all the new friends I've made this year, and all the pretty fabric being released in the coming months! hehe Love you!

  5. Arrrh lovely! I feel that about all mine, sometimes! xxx

  6. Whew, I'm sweating a bit reading that description of Spencer.... ;)

  7. That's really what it's all about right? Sometimes I find myself wondering if I will regret all of my hours spent with my sewing machine. I'm trying to cut back. You have such a beautiful family :-)


thank you...