Sunday, October 9, 2011

just me.

good morning...
just a few things about me.

i am a natural blonde... 
i have two children... 
one husband... 
and no pets.
i am 32 years old.
my blue eyes turn green when i cry.
i have crooked pinkies.
i am the youngest of eight...
six girls, two boys.
my mother is an amazing woman.
i don't care about getting older.
i only care about those i love growing old.

i love my family
i prefer fruity chewy candy over chocolate
i love to sew
i will miss my friend whose funeral i went to today.
my heart breaks for her one husband and two children.
i love to talk to my sister on the phone.
sometimes i don't read entire blog posts but just look at the pictures.
it takes so long to read everything.
texting new friends makes me happy. 
i could watch this video every day. 
i love white bedding. 
i always wanted a 4th of July baby... it's not to be.
kisses from my kiddos makes me happier than anything i ever imagined.



  1. Lovely to hear about you, so sad to hear about your friend xxx

  2. You forgot to add that you are kind and generous and beautiful and a HUGE inspiration! xoxo

  3. I know Saturday had to be a tough day for you. I pray you are doing ok. I have been thinking of you. You can text me anytime and add me to your "new friends" list. I am emailing you my number.

  4. I am so sorry for your the great loss of your dear friend. Sewing is therapeutic to me, perhaps it would be for you, too.

  5. that's an interesting fact about your eyes!

    Back when I could still see a bit and wasn't using screen reading software, I found it really hard to keep up with people's blogs - I couldn't really read all that text! I might not be able to see the words and pics now, but I'm enjoying being able to listen to all the updates with the computer reading them to me... keep on talking :)

    Nice post, it's good to learn about the people behind the quilts!

  6. Huge big hugs honey x Lovely to hear more about you :-)

  7. Funnily enough, I just listened to Rhonda's interview with you on the Gap podcast today (I'm a little behind!) so now I feel I got a double dose of getting to know you today!

    Sorry to hear about your friend (((((HUGS)))))

  8. Oh, I love this post...(and the honey badger video...)

  9. i'm so sorry for your loss.

    you come from a really big family! i can't imagine having so many brothers and sisters.

  10. So sorry about your friend...hugs to you!!! I love reading posts like this :o)

  11. Nicke, I adore you. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself in this post.

  12. Hi friend! I don't care about getting older, either (except that I'm annoyed with all my gray hair - Did I just contradict myself?), and I like chewy, fruity candy better than chocolate, too. It's like we were destined to be friends.

    I heard about your friend. Jessica told me about it. I'm so sorry. ((HUGS)) Love you.

  13. We have many things in common. :o)
    I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. ((hugs))
    I met Jacey in real life (at The Sewing Summit) and was such a pleasure! She is so nice! :o)

  14. You are also a very good friend and even better sister.

  15. Sorry to hear about your friend. I really like the loose poetic style of this post.

    Oh, and that honey badger video is hilarious.


thank you...