Saturday, October 8, 2011


i talked to my amazing sister yesterday and she helped me and helped me and helped me to look for my camera by offering suggestions and saying... the only place you haven't looked is in Miss. S's room... it has to be there, have you looked in your sewing room?, have you looked in your pantry?, have you looked...  thanks for all the help Becky... you will be very happy to know that i found it this morning... it was on a shelf in my kitchen, just staring me right in the face!

so, now here are these little beauties...
can you see it?  my "make it work" moment.... it is there... look closely.
i love you becky!  Happy Late Birthday!  i hope you enjoy the crap out of these blocks.  now go make some for yourself!

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you found them! (doesn't it drive you nuts when you lose something?!)

  2. You crafty mo fo! Those blocks look fantastico - muchas gracias!

  3. Lol, sure she won't notice, call them 'features' ;o) Gald you found the well hidden camera too...


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