Friday, October 7, 2011

ahhhh crap!

i missed yesterday!  two posts happening today.... i hope!  i just need to find where i hid my camera.

mr. h was playing with it for a bit the other day and i sneakingly grabbed it from him and covertly hid it.
can't find it for the life of me now... off to look!

and because it is on everyone's brains in this house and by everyone i mean spencer and mr. h.  they have been watching videos nonstop. this crappy weather is making us all want it to snow!

here are the kiddos on the snowmobile...
 i wish you could hear him...  he was saying "bbbbbbrrroooom,  bbbbbbrrrooooommmm..."


  1. Eeek! They look adorable (and so little) on the snowmobile!

  2. I do not think the blog police will lock you up for missing a day in blogtober. :)


thank you...