Monday, September 12, 2011

birthday loot...

my birthday was last weekend...
as in september 3rd...
not yesterday...

i was very successful in my birthday winnings...

yes.. you are seeing correctly.  i got a new SERGER!  i am such a happy girl.
this ol' girl and i have many plans!
many many plans.

on another note.  after MONTHS of good intentions and foiled plans i finally went to my very first modern quilt guild meeting on thursday.  it is held at the Quilt Barn and it was really fun.  i met a couple of girls that i think are going to be such fun to get to know...
 Heather is the owner of the Barn and she was kind enough to let me do a little shopping after the meeting... 
so with my birthday money in my back pocket
i got this little stack...

the top print is by robert kauffman.  
it is called prom.  
it is going to make itself into a couple of these.... 

on saturday we trucked the whole family out to go to garage sales and i hit the jackpot!
i spied a sale listed as such... "Attention Quilters"
"who! who! what? what?"

yes dear...
 i love you...
 for taking me...
 and not getting too grumpy...

i feel i did have some restraint... my pile could have been much bigger... much much much bigger...

so here they are... my serger and grace...  they are getting along really well so far.  i really do not see any fights or arguments in the future.  i think they understand they are supposed to be best friends...


  1. Belated Happy Birthday! Wow you sure did get a good haul! Love the garage sale fabrics, they're sooo retro :-)

  2. new serger! yay!!! i love mine, when i can be bothered to get it out and use it. :-)

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday! You are one lucky girl...can't wait to see all your projects!

    Oh what a fun weekend you must have had.
    You are soo lucky to have a serger! Can't wait to see your creations! ;o)
    Your sweet package arrived over the weekend. I love the fabric!! I feel so spoiled and humbled by your kindness! :o)
    Have a great day.
    love, Trish

  5. Belated Happy Birthday! Congratulations on the spoil :)

  6. Happy Birthday and Congrats on the serger. Looks like you had a fantastic day.

  7. Lucky birthday girl! Belated birthday wishes

  8. Cool! I'm glad you had such an awesome birthday weekend. Oh, and I spy a new Swoon block!! I started cutting for #3 last night on a whim. I don't know when I'll get to sew it up, but eventually.

  9. That is some mighty, fine birthday loot!
    And I have to commend you for using your serger so quickly...I think I left mine in the box for a good 4 months because I was too lazy to figure out how to thread it!

  10. wow, that's quite the birthday haul! hooray!

  11. What a great birthday you had! And there are more goodies coming!! :-D So glad you enjoyed your special day. You totally deserve all that and more! I'm loving all that fabric eye candy!!! xoxo

  12. I have been in the great debate on getting a serger for years. Please let me know if you find that you use it often. Happy Birthday!

  13. Girl! You completely scored! Happy belated birthday!


thank you...