Monday, August 1, 2011

good egg...

i have had a little something on my mind for a little while...
blogging buddies.
people i have met and talked with via the quilting/sewing blogging world.
people i never would have met otherwise.
people who have inspired me and shared their talent.
amazing people who have answered questions of mine and listened to my advice... (that could be bad too...)

first is Carolyn from Fake it while you Make it...
Carolyn is an amazing seamstress and makes the cutest clothes for herself and for her sweet little O.
and recently while chatting via email, we discovered that we are kindred career spirits.
now i can make comments on her blog that she will totally "get". 
and she swears... i like it.
i think sewing and swearing often go hand in hand! ;)
i found her blog a while ago and she is seriously the sweetest ever.
she gave me an award a while ago... i still need to pass it on...
she recently started quilting, with a little encouragement from yours truly.  
and she recently finished her second one with beautiful hope valley fabrics.  
my hat is off to you bonnie!  i love it and i am glad we are friends. 
your talent amazes me and you are beautiful on the inside and out!

she is amazing amazing amazing...
a while ago she posted a block made from the flowering snowball pattern that she designed.
i was smitten and we chatted a bit about it.
she, being the bees knees, sent me my very own copy of the pattern with hand written instructions.  
thank you again mary. you are so sweet and i am going to try one of these blocks out very very soon...

I also really love Trish of Notes of Sincerity. 
she is so thoughtful.  while chatting via email she asked me about the quilt i was planning for miss s.  she noticed that i had chosen an old line from april cornell and told me that she had a few charm packs that she would gladly swap if i needed more fabric.  i was soooo touched by her thoughfulness.  
so... instead of swapping, which i was very happy to do, she just sent it to me!  
such a nice sweet person!
so to all the blogging friends i have made.  
thank you friend.  
you are a good egg.


  1. Well, that has to be one of the sweetest things that I've ever read. I'm incredibly happy that your my bloggy friend (or one of my "fake friends" as I tell my husband). And for the record, you're definitely a good egg too :)

  2. Blog friends are amazing. I'm also touched by the incredible peeps I've met. This was a very sweet post! And yes, I agree with Carolyn; you're a good egg!

  3. Nicke....thank you so much for such a sweet post! It is fun to share with others who have similar passions. We learn so much from each other...what is better than that! You are one terrific egg!

  4. Nicke! You are the sweetest! This post totally made my day :) I wish we lived closer, you would so be my bestest friend! Thank you for all your inspiration and for taking the time to help me out. xoxo

  5. You are just the sweetest. Thank you for always leaving such kind and encouraging notes on my blog. :o) I am equally glad to have met you too!! :o)
    Sincerely, Trish


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