Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss S's Backpack...

i bought the pattern to make miss S. a backpack months ago... 
i bought the fabric for her backpack months ago...
i finished her backpack last week. 
she hasn't taken it off since.
she loves it.
i love it.
the only thing that i don't love about it is that it is not lined. 
it is all raw edges inside.  
well, since i don't have a serger yet it is all zig-zag edges inside. 
and honestly, i don't care.  i love it.
miss S. doesn't care.  she loves it. 
she sleeps with it in her bedroom.
 not wearing it, that's not too comfy but she hangs it on her hanging hooks. 
it is always in sight.
i used pre-made piping.  
thank you wal-mart.  
blue was the only color i thought would match.  
luckily, it looks awesome. and again she loves it.

fabric is "it's a hoot" canvas by momo
love it.
love it.
the pattern was very easy to follow and was written very well.


  1. That is pure ADORABLE. I love it, too, and I agree, lining would be great!

  2. That is such a cute bag! And look how grown up she looks with her backpack! I'm glad to hear that it's an easy pattern to follow...I may have to make one of those someday soon. Hopefully my daughter loves it as much as yours! (is there anything better than when they love their handmade items?)

  3. This is SUPER cute! Great job :)

  4. I love it! and I love the fabric! And I love that girl! And I love her mama!

  5. Nicke, I love it!! The fabrics are great and your daughter is such a cutie pie! I'm so excited about our swap!!!

  6. What a lucky girl! I made little soft backpacks for my two year olds and they are not nearly as nice as yours! Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is adorable and the fabric is perfect!

  8. Oh how cute!! And so precious that your sweet little misses has it near by while she sleeps. :o)

  9. ooh CUTE! Thanks for the great review! And lining instructions will be forthcoming... yay! :)


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