Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Bee Blocks for Melissa.

July was Melissa's month in our Wonky Bee.
 she wanted trees.
i was happy.
i loved making these.  
it was so fun to see them come to life.
 and amazingly enough, her blocks magically reappeared on my sewing table under a pile of fabric.  i was sure i had already sent them...
i think her quilt is going to be awesome... 

August is Sara's month.
she wants improv log cabins based on elizabeth hartmans quilt below.
i am seriously excited about these blocks.  i think i will try to tackle them tomorrow morning. this will be a first for me (starting and finishing before the end of the month) since i seem to be a last minute gal. 

my month is September... it is my birthday month too... yay!
so, this is what i am trying to decide between.
mod mosaic
wonky bento box
liberated shoo-fly

so... i honestly cannot decide.  
which one do you like? 
which one should i do?
tell me.
tell me.
tell me.


  1. Cute tree blocks!
    They are all great choices so it is hard to decide. I think for me it would be the mod mosaic.. maybe...

  2. Oh, those tree blocks are gorgeous (so glad they magically re-appeared!)
    And my vote is for mod mosaic! (psst, I'm a September birthday too...I'm pretty sure we were seperated at birth)

  3. First of all, those tree blocks are wonderful. I love trees. Personally, I would pick mod mosiac, but all of them would be great for bee blocks.

  4. i've never seen that liberated shoo-fly before. honestly they're all awesome. i've been thinking about doing a bento box myself.

  5. The tree blocks were so fun to make! I guess I won't cast my vote, since I'll be making what you choose. That's not a fair way to sway the vote, I guess! All three of your choices look lovely, though. I will say that!

  6. Oooh, fabulous choices! I like the wonky bento, but I'd be drawn to the shoo fly cos I've not seen nearly as many done with that! But then you cant go wrong with the mosaic... Depends what you fabrics are like! Which do you feel would be the best for your fabric choice?
    LOVE your trees, they are gorgeous :-)

  7. Oh those trees you did were fabulous!

    As for what you should ask for, I love the mod mosaic :o)

  8. Mod mosaic!! Oh gosh, I wish I was that talented. A quilt bee sounds like so much fun!


thank you...