Friday, November 9, 2012

half way hustle...

miss kelsey says it is time to check in so here it is... progress....

Kelsey Sews

  • finish the do.good quilt that has been on my design wall for ages!
    • it is ready to quilt!  wooooooot!
  • bind all of those damn quilts that haven't been bound yet! 
    • 3 done, only one to go...

Second quilt bound this week. I'm kicking ass!  Sewing soothes the soul...

Binding for fly girl! #wooot

  • a few bags....
    • no progress here... but soon!
  • quilt my fly girl. (then add it to the pile to be bound!)
    • sharing pics of this very very very soon!!!  it is awesome!
  • finish my improv chevron quilt... in time for christmas~!
    • need to make a few more blocks... anyone want to help?
  • loose another 10 lbs... 
  • make a few coffee cozies with this awesome pattern...
    • no progress... but soon!
not too bad right, it will all be done by the end of the year!  



  1. 7 you rock! mmm binding is my fav :) Can't wait to see your fly girl quilt! hugs!

  2. This is quite a lot of progress, lady, especially with all you've had going on.

  3. Oh, I should really make a list for myself too. Love that rounded edge binding :)

  4. Here is what I have to say about losing my progress....but soon!! Lol

  5. Nice!! Show us Fly Girl, already!! ;) Jokes. Do you need more improv chevrons, my friend?

  6. you are awesome! i can't wait to see your fly girl quilt! wish i had some of your motivation. i've got nothing these days. blargh.

  7. Good goin missus, really looking forward to seeing Flygirl!

  8. Hells yes to that 7 pounds to go! And you are a binding machine. Maybe it is all that binding that helps with the weight loss? If so I should bind some more damn quilts. Looking forward tot he fly girl pictures! Have a good next 50 days.


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