Friday, October 12, 2012

my fmq fail...

i was supposed to send my stack of fabric and started/finished blocks to jacey a week or so ago and i was really excited about my blocks.
i used this page, one of my favorites from the book, and made my block.
major mess up! (9)
"I will catch your tears
in a blue cup
and water the yellow flowers
and they will grow
 more beautiful."
major mess up! (10)
i drew my yellow flower and tried to do some fmq...
tried is the operative word in that sentence!  
major mess up!
and then all hell broke loose
my tension was totally off.
i'm honestly not sure what was going on because i practiced before and it was fine.
major mess up!
maybe it was all of the seams...
maybe it is because i
maybe it is because i need to
major mess up!
it really bums me out.
well, actually, it made me angry and i was really happy i had this hanging next to me.
as this word may have escaped my lips..... a few times.
My new mini courtesy of the sailor mouth swap.
(totally love this btw... it was my favorite part of the loot i got from the sailor mouth swap!)

i sketched the flower and was planning on going crazy with the fmq... instead i am trying to pick it out.  
major mess up!
and so, i tore it apart and may just send it along to my friend jacey so she can start.
and i will send my fixed block in a week or so.
major mess up!

the plan for this little flower is quite elborate at this point so i can erase this mess from my brain.
i am talking elaborate embroidery as it would appear that is where i should stay...
until i can spend a week with maureen so she can show me her tricks!




  1. LOL I think it turned out decent. Each time I FMQ I remind myself that I am good at some things and those I am not I will just admire another.

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  3. Oh who looks at the back!? Maybe room real embroidery is needed!

  4. I usually pick out my free motion. Sooo frustrsting!
    Keep trying my dear.

  5. That happened to me...I had forgotten to lower my presser foot, so that the tension would engage!

  6. No giving up! Sending hugs your way, the idea is brilliant and I think the universe was just jealous. Try again!! xo

  7. Hate it when that happens! Good thing you are so pretty! Lol. **big toothy grin**

  8. Grr. Sometimes that just happens for no good reason at all! I'm glad you had your mini to keep you company.

  9. uh oh. are you using a hoop for consistent tensioning? free motion embroidery can be temperamental.

    good luck!

  10. Oh come on its not that bad... from the front! Are you using aurifil? My machine really is a different animal with aurifil ( and they aren't paying me to say that,)

  11. I need a mini like that on my wall too - sewing can be so frustrating!

  12. Maybe you were going too fast? I dunno, I'm pretty crap at that too!!
    Love the mini x

  13. I hope you fix the problem as the plan is lovely. Would a little stabilizer on the back help?

  14. Oh dear! I had a somewhat similar experience with FMQ and I think something that might help would be to add some stabilizer to the back. I tried it with batting on the back of the fabric and that did not work but I'm thinking that some interfacing might be worth a try.

  15. I still think it might be because there wasn't batting? I don't know. But your mini is awesome, and so is your vision for this quilt. Take your time. I've got a full plate, and November is better anyway. Deep breath, my friend!!

  16. you don't suck!! I'm no fmq expert so I don't have any tips or ideas but your concept was great :)

  17. Oh man!!!! I say you get an A for effort :-)

  18. Nicke, ahhhh!!! I love you so, so much! Well, you HAVE TO use some type of stabilizer, you just have to. It will make all the difference in the world, I promise! Also, I like to set my stitch length at 3, i just like the way it moves on the larger stitch setting.

    Oh, please come visit me!!! We would have SO much fun!


  19. Oh arse! Hope you get it worked out!

  20. Nicke! I just saw this! You just need some tear away stabilizer under your stitching area. Pin it or baste or spray baste it in and then tear it off!

  21. nicke-- i love how it is turning out. fun idea! i have a suggestion. make your fabric thicker. use a few layers of thin fabric, or go for a fleece or flannel or something thicker. that will allow the stitches to lay flat. you can also put your fabric in a hoop to keep the fabric nice and tight and flat. good luck!


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