Sunday, August 26, 2012

the dirty dirty dirty dash...

last year my sister, niece and i ran the dirty dash in boise.... remember....

well, this year it was just my sister jacqi and i and we had a blast!
here we are all clean and sparkly before we started...
the dash... before
last year i was not happy with my attire.  i wore capri workout pants and they about fell off throughout the race...  mud is heavy you know...  and the huge one ton hay bales we had to jump over tore the hell out of my legs
so this year... we were all about the long socks and short shorts (a skirt for me, since i am such a lady!)...
the dirty dash 2012
it was fantasticly muddy and the mud pit at the end was heavenly!
the dash... mud pit!
i love this race.  it is so much fun.  i am so happy to have ran it with my sister.  so happy she and i made it to the top of that damn mountain and played in all of the mud!
the dash... after!

i can't wait for next year!



  1. such a demure ladylike event. it looks like a ton of fun!

  2. Congratulations Nicke! Is the piggy shirt kind of your uniform? :)))))

  3. All I can say is eeeewwww. That last pic does leave some questions about your gender too... *Ahem*

  4. GAH! that is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!
    What an amazingly fun thing to do; to be able to do it with your sister makes such a sweet memory. Oh congrats to you both! You look grrrrrrrrrrreat!

  5. ack, that looks like so much fun! and i love the skirt. you are my kind of lady!

  6. Looks like a fun time! I'm not sure I could do it tho ; )

  7. Oh, Nicke. You crack me up! And you are much braver than I! <3

  8. That looks so incredibly fun (good, dirty fun!)

  9. oh my, you are braver than i!!

  10. Too fun! I hope you get to hose off before getting in the car lol!

  11. How fun! You're one hot muddy Mama, Nicke!! Congrats! ;)

  12. Nicke, that is so fantastic! I have always wanted to do the dirty dash. You guys look great! Mud and all :-)

  13. how can your girls still be so cute covered in mud? how I ask you?? how??

  14. the comments are cracking me up!
    Looks like a blast, dirt and all, way to go!!


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