Tuesday, August 21, 2012

late... shamefully so...

i am in a couple bees....
and i have to admit that this summer has been a doosie!
but alas, the blocks are done, even if they are 20 days late...

for july do.good heal circle
July do.Good

for july ba{m}s
july ba{m}s

and a little something i am working on... plan to finish it by friday and hopefully it will be loved and cherished by its new momma... but first a little hand stitching.
new little project...



  1. LOVE the colours and design of your final piece! Can't wait to see it with the hand stitching!

  2. Very nice indeed! Great colors!

  3. Gorgeous colors, can't wait to see the finished piece. Is that crochet/lace trim?

  4. You are involved in a lot of things Nicke. They'll get done. Lovely blocks again : ) Your new project looks gorgeous!

  5. Such happy colors in this post! I especially love your x & + blocks. Did you enjoy them as much as I did?
    And I love this last piece! I have a tiny hunch of who the momma could be. Not sure though! <3

  6. They are beautiful! I can't wait to see your hand stitching all complete!

  7. Love everything u do! U are so talented!
    I blog stalk u ;)
    Hope things r great!

  8. They are all sooooo lovely! From where I sit you look super productive! I haven't done a darn thing.

  9. Everything looks great!! So bright and cheery :)


thank you...