Saturday, July 7, 2012

shorts on the line... the ruffled edition...

when rachael posted about shorts on the line starting up i was super excited!  i love to make clothes for my kiddos but i don't do it as often as i should.  when she asked me to join in i just couldn't say no!  

so the basic gist of these shorts is to use it up... make do... reuse... ruffle...  

 see how adorable they are!
skip on over to rachael's blog.  and check out how i made them.  and while you are there you should check out the other shorts that are on the line! 


  1. Loving the co-operative model in pic #2 ;o)

  2. They would make my arse look so huge!

  3. Cute! Wish I could get away with a ruffled bum ;)

  4. Ruffles on the butt? Sign me up!

  5. oh, i love a good ruffle butt. whenever i dress ingrid in something with a ruffle on the butt i have to shout "ruffle butt!" these shorts are seriously awesome.

  6. Cute, cute, CUTE Nicke! I can not resist a ruffle bum! And yes, we do need to get together very soon. Do you have plans to be in town anytime soon?

  7. Super duper cute, Nicke!! They turned out great!


thank you...