Friday, March 2, 2012


i was super productive this week.  
i made my first texas star... just for fun.
those y seams that were intimidating me were, 
they were no match for my superior sewing skills.
Texas star... by xx Nicke
Texas star..., a photo by xx Nicke on Flickr.
i already showed you this little porker... but he was made this week.
  i got this in the bee a {modern} swapper swap.
my loot from the swap! by xx Nicke
be a {modern} swapper by xx Nicke
i love the pouch.  it is huge!  and the extras are awesome!  scissors and pins!  love it.

 i started and finished my February blocks for the wonky bee, yes i started them on leap day and finished them on the 1st... they are going in the mail today...  it was melissas month.  she gave us free reign on what to make but just asked for red, aqua and was going for a wall quilt that somewhat resembled this

and this is what she got from me.  i took the pictures last night so the coloring is a little off.  i used american jane fabrics and as i reallly love the star i wish i would have added another color or two into the block just for variety.  i used this pattern/template and paper pieced it.  it was really fun.

 and then i made this little guy.  i wanted to make something a little crazy, a little fun... success!  that one side is a little big but i think it just adds to the crazy.  
i really don't think they could be more different!
for melissa! by xx Nicke

 and... i have done a bit more stitching.  it is coming along.
so, all in all.  a pretty productive week.

and i am trying to hold onto my productive bone.
i am planning on making one of these pillows this weekend.
and a couple of these...
can't wait to use my serger to make 4 of these with this new fabric
going to machine bind this.



  1. LOVE that Texas star...and it does look intimidating!!

  2. Busy lady! I love that American Jane star. So cool!

  3. wow!!! You got a lot done. Love those stars, especially the wonky one,it looks so cool, very unique.

  4. You were busy! That pig pincushion kills me! So cute!

  5. you have been super busy haven't you?! Gorgeous!

  6. Love all your creations! Those Y seams still scare me though lol. Good luck with this week's list :o)

  7. lovely! especially your texas star! when i was still a novice quilter, i set out to make a tumbling blocks quilt for my brother as a wedding gift. i don't know if you've made one, but it's pretty much made of y-seams. but i didn't know they were supposed to be hard! so they weren't!

  8. I'm loving everything I see and I even followed the links to see your plans! :)

    Keep going!!!!

  9. Go Nicke! That pin cushion you got is adorable. I plan on being less-than-normally productive this weekend. Finally!

  10. You are rockin' the projects out this week girl! I've been brainstorming a pin cushion for you while I've been out of town. Spuds rule!:)

  11. wowsers! Love when that productivity grabs hold!!

  12. You must be up early today to get started on your long list of to makes...;-)
    ps think followed some links to change my no reply blogger status...has it worked??

  13. Okay, it's official. Your blocks are amazing! That red and blue star blocks made my jaw drop!

  14. Great makes!! Love that first block! :)

  15. Wow, you really are being so very productive! I love your star blocks! AndI think your 2 color star block is so striking. I think the 2 colors are just perfect!

  16. Busy, busy, chickadee! I'm glad you got so much done! Your Texas Star is awesome!

  17. I love all the stars! Your y seams on the texas star look great! I love those weeks when things seem to actually get finished :)

  18. I'll say you've been productive! Wow! Everything you make is so perfectly perfect. I want to come sew at your house.

  19. I found your blog through Grace and Favour! It's charming and I've become a new follower! I did my first curved piecing the other day. Now I want to work on my Y seams. :o) Deb.

  20. Your little piglet is very cute! I love the paper pieced star and have been wanting to try the template for a while. Beautiful projects!


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