Wednesday, February 29, 2012

little porker.

i would like to introduce you to my new little friend. 
little porker pin cushion
Bee a {modern} swapper by xx Nicke
Bee a {modern} swapper, a photo by xx Nicke on Flickr.
this is the little pincushion i made for my partner in the swap for the Bee a {modern} swapper swap.  
my partner had a ton of animal pincushions in her mosaic and i just couldn't for the life of me make her an actual animal shaped pincushion... 
it felt a little wrong, like a voodoo doll.  
so, this was my compromise.  
i used this pattern, and i just love him so.  it was hard for me to put him in the package and send him away.  my only consolation is knowing i should be getting a new pincushion in the mail shortly too...  and i have the pattern to make my own.  ;) 

and no, i didn't have the heart to stick a pin in him... she will have to do that, if she dares.



  1. I think he is really cute, even tho I thought he was like a pacman ghost at first :) Love that little side smile! Maybe if your partner (could it be ME?! :)) doesn't stick pins in his eyes it will be ok :)

  2. Hey....I was just looking at that pattern....there is an owl in there **clearing throat rather loudly**

  3. Oh, he's adorable! I just want to stick a pin in him (is that wrong?)

  4. Lol, he's very cute! Don't think I could stick a pin in him either...

  5. Oh my, he is CUTE! I wouldn't stick a pin in him either! I just love his beady little pig eyes :-)

  6. Hehehe bet you lot all eat bacon... Very cute pinny :-)

  7. that's awesome. i never thought about it before but it does seem kind of terrible to pin an animal cushion.

    i have a pattern to make a cactus pincushion. now that would be hilarious.

  8. oh my goodness, that is adorable!!

  9. That's fine that your partner is going to stick pins in his eyes is it!?

    Very cute pinny though x

  10. he is pretty cute. I am sure your partner loved him as much.

  11. Your little porker is so dang cute!


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