Monday, October 31, 2011

and the WINNER is.....

ok, before i tell you who the winner is i have to tell you what a crack up this was for me...
and i have a few awards to give out...

Awards for the funniest names go to...

Elizabeth... who said...  
I am so awful at names!!! But I'll try...let's see...what about Superfly or maybe Wonky Hoots? Wow, I really stink at this :) Love the quilt, though, it's gorgeous!

seriously, i almost died when i read this... 
 all i could think of was my "hoots" (boobs) going in different directions.

Chelsea... who said...  

How about va mouche? It's a really awful translation of shoofly into French, but sounds like vamoose, which is such an awesome word. And I guess could also be badly translated as shoo moose. Oh, man, that would be bad if there were a moose in your house!


ooh, or you could use my word verification, which is awboomp! Love that!

chelsea, you had me at awboomp.  lol!

the the winners for the sweetest name were 

Manda... who said...
Aw it is a gorgeous quilt!!  What about Candy Kiss... love the candy pink colours and Kiss from part of your blog name.  Whatever the name, Miss S is lucky to have this on her bed! :)


Duff... who said...
It makes me feel light and airy, like flying,in an ethereal way. when you received the blocks, you recalled, "i decided on the liberated shoo-fly... it speaks to my soul." so how about the name Soul Song? I describes your feelings as well as the effect it had on me, too. :O)

double aawwwwwweeeeeee!!!

you crazy cats won't receive fat quarters but you will receive a big huge virtual hug from me.
that and the knowledge that you totally cracked me up and made my heart happy!

now the actual, real life, bona fide winner of three peacock lane fat quarters is... 

Sara...  who said... 
wow it's gorgeous! i'm impressed that you finished the top so quickly.  i'm really bad with names. how bout, "Fly Girl," cuz, you's a shoo-fly. and it's fly. even though the kids haven't been saying that for years. anyway.

so there you go.  my wonky liberated shoo fly quilt is now named "fly girl", because honestly it is pretty fly!

don't worry sarah.  i already know your address... be looking in the mail for some peacock lane fabric.  

and p.s.  
Happy Halloween!

xx nicke


  1. Congrats to SArah!! And some really COOL people still say that. Or am I the only one next to you? Hello? Hellloooooo!?

    Awesome Sauce & thanks for the virtual hug! I needed that today!!♥

  2. d'oh! not me then... Many congrats to the other Sarah ;-)

  3. What, you didn't go with awboomp? Kiljoy ;o)

  4. Wait....what about me? I was the one that told you "the other Sarah" had a good idea!! hehehe

  5. Greta name - let's hope your daughter sticks with it and doesn't come up with her own!


thank you...