Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

ok, so this is my very first WIP Wednesday post where I actually follow the format...

Dream On!!....

  it makes my heart sing with JOY!
see that little monster?   have i ever shared with you how i do NOT love spiders... i don't!  not one bit!  he is lucky he is alive.  he made his way off and everyone lived to tell about it, promise.

ONGOING PROJECTS, yet to begin:
July Wonky Bee Blocks for Jessica

totally going to do this...

swoon for Miss S.
Image of Swoon- Pattern 142 PAPER Pattern
backpack for Miss S.
(planning on starting and finishing this backpack this morning).

Farmers wife
i have had the book for a few (like 5) weeks. i have decided on my color palette.  white and blue. i am a two tone kind of farmers wife.

i've got to piece the back and baste and then start  my first ever hand quilted adventure.  i am excited!  not nervous at all thanks to the awesome tutorials all over the place.

So there you have it.  
i do have one finish this week.  i made my very first pillow cover for my sister in law dani california.
just no picture.  

i will take pictures of the backpack and the pillow cover this afternoon when i finish the backpack!


  1. Congrats on deciding on a color palette for the Farmer's Wife quilt. I have the book on order, but am not sure how long it will sit on the shelf, LOL!

    I love, love, love that first quilt!!! What a fun color palette!

  2. i love the colors of this quilt top. reminds me a sherbet icecream! nice work.

  3. Hey! loving your quilts, and I also HATE spiders. its actually not so much a hate thing as much as it is an extreme phobia. glad you survived that spider attack! lol :D

  4. Your Kaleidoscope top looks really good! I hope you enjoy the hand quilting...I'm getting ready to start my first one as well. I really like the Swoon pattern but haven't found the right fabrics for it just yet...still working on that!

  5. I like the circles you put on your kaleidoscope!

  6. The Kaleidoscope quilt looks lovely! as does your Dream On... love both of them. Can't wait to see your Swoon quilt! I have the FW book as well and am trying to work up the nerve to start on it.

  7. Wow your kaleidoscope quilt looks gorgeous, and the dream on quilt is so cheerie. LOVE!! Can't wait to see your blue and white FWQ blocks.
    Newest follower from

  8. Love love love everything Nicke! I like this WIP format. I'm thinking I should do this too to get my projects in order and force myself to finish what I haven't gotten around to! Thanks for the inspiration! Can't wait to see your swoon quilt!

  9. You are killing me over here with these quilts. First the Dream On one and then this Kaleidoscope. Sheesh! You are GOOD!

  10. I love your Dream On quilt! So beautiful!

  11. Your Dream On quilt is just lovely! And the Swoon pattern is totally on my to-do list too. I love that one. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : ) (BTW, you don't HAVE to follow any format - just because I'm OCD doesn't mean you have to be, LOL.)

  12. oh my goodness, you are a busy girl! i just love the dream on quilt top!

  13. I somehow just found your blog, so hello! Your Kaleidoscope top is beautiful.


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