Friday, July 1, 2011

june bee blocks.

 June was Carrie's month in the Wonky Bee and she wanted words.  Christmas words to be exact... toy is not typically a Christmas word but kids sure do look forward to getting toys for Christmas.
 I had a great time sewing these up today (Yes, deadline is today).  they will be in the mail first thing in the morning.  i thought that toys was better than toy but i wasn't sure about my S.  i think it kinda looks like a 5! so i didn't attach it.  i enclosed it with her blocks and if she so chooses, she can sew it on lickity split.
  this is my fave.  i had so much fun with this block.  although, it is huge!  it is very long (almost 18.5") although not very tall.  long not tall... that could very easily be made into a dirty joke.  and i digress.
and these are what the dashes are... celebrate
 and... Merry Christmas! cute...
and i have the rows for my dream on quilt done and i am starting to press.
i love it.  it makes me so happy


  1. A dirty joke and quilting? Yes, please :)
    Those blocks look great by the way. I've never attempted anything like that....but perhaps I may just have to in the future!

  2. Okay...the blocks that spell "toys"...that put a BIG smile on my face!!! yep,yep, yep... 'cause my last name is Toy... =)

    fun stuff! thanks for sharing!

    =) new follower =)

  3. Ooo thats lots of squares!
    And the christmas blocks are great! I am sure if I tried words they would be unreadable lol :)


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