Tuesday, June 28, 2011

wind sucks!

the wind in idaho... not my favorite.
 it will  blow and blow and blow...
and then it will just stop.
for a minute.
makes for taking outside pics a bit of a pain.
but sometimes, the wind gods smile upon you (for about two seconds) and you get the perfect picture.
i'm thinking about giving hand quilting a go on this one.
i haven't done it before.  i'm a bit nervous.
not sure how to do it but i think i would love this even more if it was hand quilted...

do any of you know how to do it and can give me some pointers?
how do you do it?
do you use a big ol' hoop or do you put in on a frame?
do you pin or spray baste or both?
what thread do you use?
what thread color would you use on this quilt?
tell me, tell me, tell me!


  1. I knew this quilt would be beautiful! That fabric line perfectly compliments this pattern! I think the pictures are beautiful too, wind and all. The sun looks gorgeous against the quilt. I didn't even know there was such a thing as hand quilting!! Can't wait to see what you decide! xoxo

  2. Sorry I haven't a clue how to hand quilt, but the quilt looks fantastic!

  3. I've never handquilted anything so I have no sage words of advice for you, but I will say that your quilt top looks GORGEOUS! It is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see it quilted up, whether's it's by hand or by machine (I love the look of handquilting but I'm afraid that I don't have the patience of it!). And the pictures are really beautiful...that Idaho sky sure is gorgeous!

  4. I my goodness gracious, it's GORGEOUS!! Someday, will you teach me?

  5. Love this quilt! And what a great guy your husband is....so patient with the wind and all :)

  6. Looks beautiful and will make a lovely quilt, regardless of the quilting method you choose although hand quilting seems a great finish for this quilt.
    I'm afraid I know nothing about hand quilting, but have you seen this tutorial by Mary of Molly Flanders: http://mollyflanders.blogspot.com/2010/09/hand-quiltingpick-stitchinga-tutorial.html


thank you...