Tuesday, June 21, 2011

treats for the eyes.

one thing that i really love to do when i find beautiful pictures is... 
save them to my computer.!
i LOVE using them as my desktop for a while until i find something else...

i cannot source all of these photos, i honestly do not remember where all of them came from. but please know... i did not take a single one of these pictures. 

some of them you will be able to identify. others may be new to you.  

so, without further ado, enjoy. 

 dottie angel


 heather ross

 beth lofgren
 beth lofgren
 p w ditty
 sarah jane

 this is what currently sits on my desktop.  sweet simplicity.

if any of you can figure out where they all came from.  i will make you a super surprise... it will be big and awesome!  i gave you a couple of hints...

i'm off to go camping with some crazy crazy girls for a couple of days.  looking forward to open faced s'mores and mosquito bites.  be back soon with a surprise...



  1. Such great pics!
    Have a wonderful time camping...wishing you many delicious smores and not so many mosquito bites!

  2. great pictures! wonderful inspiration!


thank you...