Saturday, May 21, 2011


My sewing machine is NOT WORKING AGAIN! 
I just about threw it out of the window!
I think it might be the biggest mistake I have ever made.
I have had constant problems.  It really pisses me off!
I am taking it to my super duper awesome sewing machine fixer guy (Larry) tomorrow 
the second time in less than a month!  
gggggrrrrrr! $##^%^@*#&%*$#(*_#*)!!!!
I just might end up with a new machine... 
spencer would kill me... 
On a side note.  Our 10 year anniversary was this week. 
I think I deserve a sewing machine that works for 10 years of marriage!

So, tell me... 
what sewing machine to you have? do you love it?  do you hate it?  do you ever want to throw it out the window?

answer these questions and there might be a prize in the works for one of you... might, might not, might...


  1. I have a Singer Confidence Quilter and the only times I want to throw it somewhere are due to user error, not the machine. I've never had any problems with it that I didn't cause :) I also just do pretty basic sewing tho and have only used the straight stitch... zig zag maybe once or twice? So I cant really speak to all its features. So glad it came with a ton of feet tho, use those a lot!

    Sorry your machine is being tempermental, I hope they can get it fixed and happy this time!

  2. I have a Babylock Decorator's Plus. I bought it when I was very new to sewing and had no real idea of what I needed, so to this day I don't know if it was the best choice. (But I guess it's a good sign that I don't really know what I'm missing?) It took me a while to get the hang of machine quilting, and I had a tendency to blame my deficiencies on my poor machine. : ) But lately I seem to have had a breakthrough with my quilting, and I'm magically a lot happier with the machine now! I do wish it had a larger throat space for quilting. Good luck with yours.

  3. Reminds me of the fax machine in the movie Office Space.

  4. Hi Nicke, thanks for your kind comments on my page. I have a dinosaur of a machine. It's called a Crown Point. My brother found it in his garage 10 years ago and gave it to me. It weights a ton so every time I want to use it I get a workout on my arms.....lifting it up and down off the table. It has straight stitching, zigzag and seven other stitches which only two of them work. I would love to get a new machine soon but which one.... there are so many. I hope you get your machine sorted soon, its so frustrating when they get stuffy and dont do want you want them to do. :)

  5. I have a Kenmore machine, and I love it. It does everything I need for what I do. :)
    Sorry that you have had so many problems with your machine!

  6. I have a Viking Sapphire 875Q and it rocks! My husband almost killed me when I first brought it home because it was pricey, but I use it all the time without any issues. Since I am sew happy, my husband is, too. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!

  7. I have a Bernina 440 Quilt edition, I can't live without it. It's design to quilt. We had a husqvarna, also a great piece, but didn't like were the spool was. I'm also having an old Brother, my daughter use it for her first quilting things. I'm feeling so sorry, but 10 year, that's a special gift worth. I bought my machine for my DH, he also quilts...

  8. I have a Husqvarna Emerald and it works beautifully! Good luck with yours...or potentially a new one:)

  9. ha ha ha, your post made me laugh... I have had similar problems before, although a trip to the repair man always seems to make it better. I have a janome sewist 625E, its not a very fancy machine, but I like how easy it is to use, and I have managed to sew a LEATHER purse with it, as well as a huge heavy sunbrella boat cover, so it does the job!

  10. sorry about your machine. I have a brother that was bought at walmart. I love it but it very basic no fancy stitches

  11. I have a Singer, but my favorite machine to sew on is a Jenome. I'd love to own one!

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  12. i have a janome horizon. i occasionally want to throw it out the window but mostly i think it's wonderful.

    good luck with your machine!

  13. I've got a Janome DC2010 and LOVE it! No complaints whatsoever. It's a workhorse and has never let me down in 2+ years.

  14. I have a Bernina Bernette 15...I just got it a month far its working great...:)

  15. i got my machine 2nd hand 20+ years ago when my step fathers ex-wife did not want it. it is a 1960's portable singer. very simple. my little work horse. good luck.

  16. I had a Brother LS-30 (or something like that) that was a Black Friday $50 special. It was great for a couple of years; all that I could ask for in a $50 machine. But, after my daughter pulled it off the sewing table, trying to sew with it was worse than banging your head against the wall. I ended up with a Janome DC2010 for $300, and it's been good to me so far. Not perfect (it gave me some trouble with shirring using elastic thread), but it makes me happy. Janome makes Kenmore machines, I guess, so one of the Kenmore ones is usually available for about $260 and is equivalent to the 2010.

    As an aside, the sewing machine repair guy said that the Janome was a good choice - the Magnolia was listed as a Consumer Reports best buy and it's used in one of our local factories (sewing wrestling uniforms, of all things!) exclusively. So, they use the thing 24/7 and must think it's worth it. The DC2010 is one step above the Magnolia - the same design with 20 extra stitches.

  17. I have an old Kenmore...nothing fancy. So yes, I have absolutely wanted to throw it out the window at times! Mostly it runs fine though, I just wish it were more geared towards quilting.
    Good luck with should totally get a new one! ;)

  18. Ugh, the absolute pits! I have a Brother that is nowhere near your sewing level. I have just started sewing about a year ago. Love your blog!

  19. just had to say that i love that you used a old door for your bulletin board...wonderful idea!!

  20. That's so frustrating! I had a Janome beginner machine for over 10 years and after two repairs in a few months, I bought an Elna Q7200 ~ I LOVE it!

  21. Come test drive a Janome at the Quilt Barn - you will love them! Like Vanessa said, the DC2010 is an awesome workhorse. The DC2011 is out now and it's pink! Besides, you know we will give you a super deal. :-)

  22. I have a Bernina 430 and love, love it. I just upgraded from a Bernina 220. Equally great, but I was able to trade up at my store and get full purchase price back on top of an amazing Memorial Day sale...couldn't say no.

    On a side note, what kind of table do you have? I love it!


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