Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winner Winner chicken dinner!

Ahhhhh!  the winners... yes, you heard me right.... WINNERS!

the winner of the bag... is KIZA of Searching for the Good !  She said...  Cute bag! I'm sorry to hear that your sewing machine is being persnickity. Mine does that from time to time, too. :/ I hope it straightens out for you quickly! Thank you for taking part in Giveaway Day and for offering such a great prize!

Go check out Kiza's blog.  She is working on a "man quilt" and I love the fabrics she chose.  And honestly, I am  loving loving loving those blocks!  She is also doing a Craft Hope project with her super cute son.

On my GGGGGRRRRR post I alluded that a prize might be in the works...  Well, surprise to Vanessa of Little Big Girl Studio, you won the prize...  She said...  "I've got a Janome DC2010 and LOVE it! No complaints whatsoever. It's a workhorse and has never let me down in 2+ years."  

Vanessa... I took the DC2011 for a test drive last week and I think it is a good fit for me...  Now to convince my husband that it is ok for me to spend $500 on a new sewing machine.  Lets hope he doesn't remember the $400 I spent a year and a half ago for the piece of crap machine I have now!  fingers crossed!

Go check out Vanessa's blog also.  She has a couple tutorials that I am excited excited excited to try out!  Pillowcase dress... peasant dress With pockets...  I will be sending Vanessa a super surprise... Not going to tell you now what it is but I think she will be pleasantly surprised... could it be some fabric? could it be a bag, could it be???

I won't keep you in suspense for too long...        



  1. Eeee, yay! I'm so excited! Thank you so much! :)

  2. Hope you're able to convince the husband to take the plunge on that new machine! You'll love it :)

    Looking forward to my surprise!


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