Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dresses galore...

Here is Sara's Easter dress in all it's splendor!  She is a great model... 
 She even does action shots.  
 The dress was really easy to make once my sewing machine was working properly.  I used this tutorial, but did a little tweaking...  I used cotton fabric not knit for the strips of fabric.  I think knit is obviously the better choice because I spent an hour snipping off strings when it came out of the wash, I just did not have any white on hand.  I also used 1 inch strips on the skirt of the dress and 1/2 inch strips on the bodice.  I thought it worked better.  Lastly, I didn't use any grosgrain ribbon, I just didn't want to...  It is a little too long but I think with her body type it will be just fine.  She is the size of a bean and will probably fit into this dress until she is 12! ;)
This was her "oh crap" face that I caught one second too soon.... She said... "Mom! I gotta go potty really really fast!!"
 Then she ran out the door!
 That little sweetie pie has the perfect pout!  
 For her skirt I used this tutorial my amazing sister Becky found a while ago.  Speaking of my sister, I love her.  She and her sweet husband just had a baby boy and I love him!  If you click on the link you can see how adorable he is!  She also has two crazy dogs; they crack me up!  
 Sara is amazing at the over your shoulder pose.
 And, back to the pout!  The tutorial has the skirt with the ruffles in front but when Sara wears the skirt the ruffles always end up being in the back.  While we were taking the pictures we started with the ruffles in back and ended with them in front.  I just don't get it and I honestly don't know which way I like best.  I think it is so cute both ways! 
 such a sweet face... such a cute skirt!
 serious pout!  
 The skirt was a breeze to make and it is so fun to see her in it.  
 No post including my Sara would be complete without a picture of Henry climbing up me, trying to get the camera!  These pictures were closely followed by a complete meltdown when I wouldn't hand it over like he demanded!
 I love this little pipsqueak!  He is only six days away from his very First Birthday!  


  1. Oh, the dress is is all her faces...not to mention her curls! Adorable!

  2. The dress is fantastic! Your daughter is so cute in those pictures! My kids stopped taking photos for me years ago..

  3. These totally make me want to have a girl so I can make frilly things like this more often! Love that skirt!!


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